6 Things You Should Never Keep in the Bathroom

things to never store in the bathroom

With the bathroom being amongst one of the most humid places of the home, it’ll probably come as no surprise that there are certain items that you shouldn’t store in the area.

The varying heat temperature combined with moisture in the air can wreak havoc onto some beauty products, but it can also have a surprisingly bad effect on your other items such as medication and even razors!

If you’re unsure of what items to store outside of the bathroom, we’ve shared six things you should never keep in this room of your home (and why!):

1. Jewellery

Surprisingly, storing your jewellery can play host to a whole load of problems, with the most irritating – and probably most expensive – reason being that humidity and water vapour can speed-up the oxidation process; meaning that your items are much more likely to look worn and tarnished sooner.

To avoid this happening to your jewellery, store your items in another room that is cool and dry, such as your bedroom.

2. Beauty & Makeup Products

The bathroom is a popular place for storing makeup and beauty products, but it’s not the optimal place. The moisture in the air can play around with the formulation of your products and make power-based makeup items gloopy.

Beauty products should be stored in a room where the room temperature is consistent and average, to avoid the forumlas being altered and the ease of application being affected.

3. Razors

One of the strangest items on this list may be this one… Razors.

Keeping unused, spare razors can be affected before you even use them as the steam and humidity can prematurely bring on rusting and dulling – much like it does to jewellery. You can block out the moisture by keeping them in their original packaging, or storing them in another room if they’re open and aren’t being used.

things to never store in the bathroom


4. Electronics

Yes, it may sound obvious but you shouldn’t store (non-waterproof) electronics in the bathroom for obvious reasons. For one, they’ve vulnerable to being water-damaged and secondly, they’re a potential fire hazard.

If you like to listen to music streaming from your phone whilst you’re enjoying a hot bath, it might be best to opt for a waterproof music player. This way, there’s no risk of dropping your prized possession into a bath and being damaged beyond use.

5. Nail Polish

When I was younger, I created my own little beauty nail salon in my bathroom. It was great, but my nail polishes were turning mucky and weren’t keeping the formulas that I’d paid extra for.

This is because the bathroom of your home is constantly changing in temperature, which alters the formulation of your nail polishes. This can lead to them turning gloopy or experiencing a major change in consistency, which then affects their application.

Nail polishes are best kept in cool, dry places and out of direct sunlight. A corner of your bedroom would be a great way to display them!

6. Medication

Did you know that medication can lose it’s effectiveness if they aren’t stored correctly? If your tablets, pills and medicines aren’t being stored in a cool, dry place with average room temperature, there’s a chance that they may no longer do their job.


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