£144m wasted each year on replacing forgotten holiday items

forgotten holiday items

British holidaymakers waste an eye-watering £144 million on replacing items they forgot to pack when heading abroad.

The survey, conducted by FlightDelays.co.uk, found that 53% of sunseekers have misplaced a huge item when they headed on holiday, with the most common item being items of clothing (20%).

Losing sunglasses and glasses was the second most-common loss with 15% admitting to misplacing them, followed by phone chargers at 15% and toothbrushes at 12%. One in ten of those asked had forgotten vital prescriptions, contraception or other forms of medicine, and 10% forgot to pack sun tan lotion.

It was found that more than 80% of the people who misplaced their lost items had bought a replacement. The average cost of this was £27.35, which tots up to a massive £144 million that Brits spend each year.

However, the worry of organising things to head abroad doesn’t just occur when we misplace something. Of those surveyed, two thirds admitted that they worry about forgetting to lock doors or accidentally leaving on electrical items at home.

According to the Office for National Statistics, British people visited foreign countries over 12 million times in 2016.

The survey results also discovered that 37% of Brits go on holiday at least twice a year. The average vacation costs £838 with an additional £408 for spending money.

Flight compensation expert Steve Phillips, from Flightdelays.co.uk, commented: “Booking a holiday abroad can cost a heck of a lot, especially when you consider flights, hotels, insurance and entertainment for the kids.

“But imagine adding more money to that cost to replace items you’ve actually already got – how annoying!

“Although we can’t help you replace your forgotten holiday items, if your flight was delayed or cancelled, you could be entitled to compensation if your flight arrived or departed from an EU-based airport in the last six years.”

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