5 Ways Cannabidiol Can be Consumed to Increase Your Comfort

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Cannabidiol, or what is more commonly known as CBD in short, is one of the most potent, natural pain relievers out there. Although CBD is present in the same cannabis plant that also contains the extremely popular psychoactive substance THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol, the two couldn’t be further apart from each other.

CBD oils, supplements, dabs, etc. are sold legally across many states in the US because of the simple fact that one cannot get high on Cannabidiol products, no matter how much of it they use. On the other hand, the same hemp-derived non-psychoactive substance has been found to be very effective as an anti-inflammatory, pain-reliever, muscle relaxant and anti-anxiety medication.

If you already know about the benefits of CBD first hand, or if you have heard about it a lot and would like to find the most comfortable way to consume it, check out the following five methods.


CBD oil is extracted with the help of solvents and while CO2, ethanol and coconut oil are among the safer solvents used for the extraction process, toxic chemicals such as butane are also used by a few shady manufacturers. Always be wary of non-reputed, non-FDA approved products sold on the internet. In its oil form, CBD can be taken directly, mixed with food or taken in the form of capsules such as CBD softgels containing the liquid. CBD oil is also used in animal supplements to help ease joint and muscle aches of aging pets.

CBD Vapor

The fastest way to experience the benefits of CBD is by vaporizing it. You can try this in wax or crystal form, the process itself is not dissimilar to how people take hits of marijuana from a bong or a vape pen, but without any possibility of getting high from it. You can expect a sudden rush of blood to the head or a mild cough for the first time, but it will pass very soon.

CBD Spray

If those that want to take Cannabidiol sublingually, there’s a way to do that too! You will need to spray a specially concentrated tincture of CBD directly under your tongue and you should start to feel the effects pretty soon. Under prescription, a patient can choose to have a tincture with a portion of THC in there as well. The ratio could be as high as 1:1 (CBD:THC), but can also be a lot lower, depending on what your doctor has advised. In the states of Colorado, Nevada, Massachusetts, Maine, Oregon, Washington and Alaska, where recreational marijuana is not illegal, the user can choose the CBD:THC ratio in their tinctures.

CBD Drops

Not much different from the sublingual tincture sprays, these are slightly more diluted than CBD oil in concentration. CBD Drops usually have an alcohol or in some cases, a glycerin base. Just like with CBD oil, you can directly take the drops with the accompanying dropper or mix them with food or drink. They are a convenient way to carry around and take CBD for pain relief when traveling or in a public place.

Topical CBD

Although it isn’t the most common way to use Cannabidiol, certain skin conditions have been known to benefit from topical application CBD oil. The antioxidant properties of the oil can also help in the prevention of premature aging. Aside from that, heating and applying CBD oil on particularly painful joints or muscles have been known to bring relief to patients suffering from joint pain, arthritis and muscle spasms. The effects however, are not as long lasting as it would be in any other form of ingestion.

While vaping is one of the easiest and fastest ways to make use of CBD’s medicinal properties, feel free to choose any method that feels the most convenient to you. Some are more feasible options in certain situations than others but they all work, albeit in varying degrees. In fact, it is recommended that you try out more than just one method to know which works best for you. Besides, it’s always best to have multiple ways to take your medication than just being stuck with one all the time. The only method we do not recommend is the smoking of CBD. Even though you won’t get high from smoking a pure CBD product, it’s bad for health because the smoke inhalation process itself will inevitably lead to tar deposition, which is extremely harmful to the respiratory system and the body in general.

Alternatively, you can try dabbing. However, this method of consumption will require special equipment and concentrated cbd.

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