From Fast And Casual To Modern And Elegant – Dubai’s Top Places To Get Indian Food


Although Dubai is small in comparison to other cities, there’s no doubt it’s a fantastic destination for food lovers. The city is a cultural melting pot of flavors because there are more expats living here than actual locals. In order to cater to the unique gastronomic requirements of the larger percentage of Dubai’s population, over the years, various dining establishments have emerged. So if you’re looking to sample a specific cuisine, you won’t have much trouble finding the perfect restaurant for that.

One of the most popular cuisines in Dubai is Indian cuisine. Both locals and expats have grown to love the colorful, healthy and spicy taste of Indian dishes. People also rave about Indian desserts such as kulfi (Indian ice cream), gulab jamun (a type of confectionery made of powdered milk, flour, baking powder and ghee that is molded into balls and deep fried), and jalebi (sweet, yellow funnel cakes).

Fortunately for Dubai folks and tourists, there are many places for Indian eats in the city. There’s Sangeetha Restaurant (Bur Dubai), 25 Degrees North (the best place to sample North Indian food), and countless more.

If you wish to enjoy delicious Indian food at different price points, listed below are five Indian restaurants that are certainly worth a try.

1. Bombay Bites Café

If you find yourself near Apsara Supermarket along Bank Street, Bombay Bites is just nearby. It’s a rather small dining establishment but it offers the best flavors of Mumbai at an affordable price.

The restaurant’s menu includes the most popular street foods of Mumbai such as vada pav (spiced, deep-fried potato garnished with various chutneys), crispy fried vegetables, usal and pani puri, to name a few. There’s also a selection of refreshing drinks to neutralize the “fire” of the dishes.

If you’re all about the taste, Bombay Bites will surely not disappoint.

2. Purunmal

Puranmal in Discovery Gardens is another popular destination for Indian food lovers. It’s definitely bigger than Bombay Bites and it offers a more polished dining experience.

It boasts of South Indian fare that is delightfully spicy, tangy, crispy and rich. It also offers a wide range of confectionery and desserts that you can order to go. And, if you want to mix things up a bit during your meal, the restaurant is not exclusive to Indian food. You can order Italian and Oriental dishes as well.

3. Paratha King

This is the best place to get paratha (Indian flatbread). You can choose from the vast array of vegan stuffing options and everything is highly affordable.

You won’t find meat here because the menu is entirely vegan. However, you will discover that vegan food can be extremely delicious because every offering is just bursting with flavor from the onions, peppers and herbs.

The recipes used by Paratha King are well thought-out. Once you try any of the stuffed parathas here, you will cease to think that vegetarian dishes are all bland rabbit food.

4. Tresind

If you’re looking for a really fancy Indian dining experience, Tresind is the place to go. This restaurant is all about pairing the amazing taste of India with a sophisticated environment.

All the dishes are prepared like artwork – they feed the eyes first. Plus, the restaurant has taken new approaches for much-beloved recipes. You will love the deconstructed pani puri and the paan cotton candy.

Tresind is definitely a high-end place but it offers options that are still friendly to smaller budgets. However, you must recognize that coming here will take your Indian food experience to a whole new level. So, even if the prices here are higher than in most other Indian restaurants in the city, there’s no doubt that the food and the ambience are worth the higher cost.

5. Calicut Paragon

This is the place to enjoy Indian food with friends but do come early to get a table for your company because the place gets packed really quickly.

Calicut Paragon gained fame for its curry dishes (chicken, prawn, and fish) but most customers are also big fans of its appams (pancakes) and Malabar parottas. The food here has that home-cooked quality that everybody loves – very tasty and packed with fresh ingredients.

Take your pick from Dubai’s high-rated Indian eats listed here. Whichever of these you choose, there’s no doubt you’ll develop a fresh appreciation for Indian fare.


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