Basic car repairs everyone should know

Basic car repair

There are several basic car repair tips you should know. You may be surprised how it is easy to change a car tyre or even jump start a car. But, failure to jump start your car after the battery has gone low can make you sleep by the road side. A flat tyre will take you a few minutes to fix, but if you can’t replace it, then you may be forced to call for  car towing services. Always make a habit of having a car spare tyre with you when driving. You should check the condition of the spare tyre before you set off on your trip.

1. Jump start a car

The process of jump starting a car is more of a skill rather than a repair tip. For example, your car battery may go low to an extent where you can start the car. If you are in such a condition, then you need the services of a jumper cable. First, ensure your battery connection is firm before you proceed to ask for assistance from another car so that you can jump start the car. Put both your stuck vehicle and the one you are requesting for assistance in neutral position. Open the bonnets and attack the red clip to the positive terminal of the working battery. The next step is to attack the red clip to your car positive terminal. Attach the negative terminal from the live battery to your unpainted part of your vehicle. You can then start the car.

2. Oil change

You should ensure your car has the right size of engine oil. If you discover the engine oil level is too low, then you should replace it. It is a simple process you can do yourself rather than hiring a mechanic. You can buy the engine oil from your nearest petrol station and replace to save money.

3. Changing a flat tyre

With a flat tyre, you are stuck. Just reach for your car jack and raise the flat tyre. Using your wheel spanners, you can unscrew the nuts and replace the flat tyre. It is a simple fix you can have on your vehicle for you to save money in the process. Always have a spare tire for you to avoid being stranded in case you develop a flat tyre.

4. Changing spark plugs

Each spark plug has a lifespan. If yours have been worn out, they may be working but they will lower your fuel economy. It is a simple process, open your car bonnet and locate where they are located for you to change. They are mostly located on your car engine head.

5. Removing scratches from paint

A scratch on your car paint can lead to a car looking ugly. No car owner will appreciate the blemishes on the car paint. Mechanics can charge you highly if take your car to them trying to fix a scratch on your paint. Others can even suggest repainting the whole car. But, with simple car scratch repair kits you can solve the problem and enjoy saving money on car repair.

6. Changing a car battery

If you are at home and you try to start the car without success, then you need to diagnose the problem. If you discover the battery is the problem, then you need to recharge it. If it can’t recharge, there is no need of jumpstarting car only to be stuck when you are in the middle of the road. Just replace the car battery and your car will be more reliable. If you decide it’s not worth replacing, you can always sell your car for scrap.

7. Replacing a headlight or taillight

You need to have properly working headlights. It is inconvenient and illegal to drive a car with broken taillights as well as headlands. There is no need of wasting your money paying a mechanic. It is very easy for you to replace the headlight. Start by unscrewing the frame and then replace the headlights

8. Replacing wipers

Many people ignore windshield wipers. But, they are very important. You will realise it if they fail while you are driving in a heavy rain. You won’t be able to see the road. It is necessary for you to replace them as soon as you doubt their functionality. It is a simple process you can carry out at home to save money.

9. Replacing air filters

Most air filters will have lifespans indicated by the manufacturers. You can easily replace them at home. It is a simple car repair tip which you can employ to save money instead of seeking services of a mechanic which can cost you a lot.

10. Changing brake pads

Never ignore your car breaks. The brake pads should be in proper working condition so that you can avoid accidents. You can easily replace them at home for you to save money on your car repair.

11. Dangling exhaust pipes

If your car starts making extra noise, then the problem may lay in your car exhaust pipe hangers.  You can fix the problem by tightening the broken hangers. The issue is very simple hence you can take advantage and save money in your basic car repair.

12. Car radiator flush

For your car cooling system to work well, you need to pay attention to your radiator condition. A regular radiator flush to clear all dirt and clogs is necessary. It is a simple process you can carry out on your own to avoid unnecessary visits to the mechanic.

13. ABS sensors

If your ABS sensors are dirty, they can make your car dashboard show the sign. You can fix them by cleaning the dirty. It is a simple fix you can carry out instead of visiting a mechanic for expensive diagnosis and replacement of the ABS connection wires.

Final Word

The above basic car repair tips are easy to implement. You don’t need a lot of experience s to get started. Provided you can read manuals provided when buying the car repair kits, you can just fix the problem on your own and avoid unnecessary visits to the mechanic. If you can’t afford to make all the repairs, you can always sell your car to a dealer or scrapyard.


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