Don’t Let The End of Summer Blues Bring You Down: Plan A Fall Getaway For Your Family

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Fall is a wonderful time of the year. The temperatures are not as extreme, the places are generally much less crowded, and since the tourist season will have already ended by then, you can usually find a place to stay overnight at much more affordable prices. So what are the best tourist destinations to visit with your family during that season?

Niagara Falls

Known for its glorious waterfalls, this place is one of the best Fall tourist destinations for the entire family. During this season, it’s possible to find a place to spend the night for as low as 30 bucks.

Las Vegas

Gambling, colorful lights, and wonderful penthouse suites, Las Vegas is truly a sight to see. However, not a lot of people realize it’s also one of the best family tourist destinations. Some of the attractions worth seeing include the Wildlife Habitat at Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel and Casino and the Shark Reef Aquarium in the Mandalay Bay Hotel, something the kids are bound to enjoy. If you prefer to stay outdoors, why not visit the Red Rock Canyon and its magnificent cliffs?

Anaheim, California

Since it’s not so crowded during the Fall, it’s a nice time to take your family out on a trip. There are several parks and pools to choose from (including a complimentary shuttle service), so you can construct your perfect family getaway however you like.


Known for its famous Phoenix Zoo, your kids will be able to marvel at the diverse range of wildlife you can admire there. If plants fascinate you more than animals do, there is the Desert Botanical Garden, where you can take a look at the exotic cacti and flora from all around the globe. Finally, there is nothing better than doing some good old hiking at the Camelback Mountain.


Miami is much less hot during Fall, but still nicely warm, which is something many people prefer. Known for its beaches and neighborhoods to explore, this is far from the end of what your entire family can do there. If your kids are drawn to history, make sure to visit one of Miami’s many museums. No matter what you do, you can’t go wrong with Jungle Island’s theme park. The bargain hunters can enjoy the affordable lodging options available during this time of the year.

Orlando, Florida

Orlando is a place of diverse buildings, colors, and places to explore. The Disney World is an absolute hit among kids, so make sure not to miss out if you’re planning to visit.

Take your adventures abroad

If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you may think about taking your travels abroad. India, for example, is a spiritually-rich country, and many tourists decide to travel there to discover spiritual enlightenment. After that’s decided, the only thing you’re going to need is a hotel situated in an exciting location, so you can continue your travels immediately upon waking up. The Marriott Bengaluru hotel is a great example of affordable prices, a practical location, and a 5-star quality.


Although the summer may be over, there is no reason to be sad, since it’s impossible to run out of places to take your family to. As a matter of fact, Fall can be even more enjoyable, since the temperatures are much friendlier, the areas not as crowded, and the lodging options much more affordable in general.

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