How to Find Cheap Flights Online

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When it comes to finding getaways, we’re always on the look-out for the best deals. Whether we’re jetting off to the States or looking for cheap Chennai to Colombo flights, one thing is always at the forefronts of our minds: price.

Although vacations and holidays are our chance to escape normality, try something new and learn about diverse cultures, the price point is a major issue for many holidaymakers.

In this guide, we’ve shared how you can find cheap flights online – without breaking the bank:

1. Shop around for the best deals

Similar to the pre-purchasing browse that you’d have when purchasing any big-ticket item, you’ll need to shop around for the best deals when looking to find cheap flights online.

Sites like ClearTrip is just one option for you to choose from.

Start by entering the dates you’d like to travel between, along with the location. Doing this on each platform allows you to get prices for a variety of airlines – rather than paying over-the-odds for a flight booked directly with your airline, without browsing competitors.

2. Consider the time of year

Depending on where you’re wishing to travel to, the time of year that you aim to find cheap flights online could impact your success.

For example, if you’re booking Chennai to Colombo flights in May, prices may be more expensive due to the Vesak festival. However, come the later months where festivals are not a regular occurrence, you could visit the beautiful country without paying the extra price!

3. Opt-in to marketing emails

You know those emails that are sent by airlines and flight companies to tell you their latest company news? They can be annoying for a user, but you may hit the jackpot by signing up.

That’s because many airline companies use email marketing to announce new airline routes, sales or price discounts. If you’re a subscriber, you have the opportunity to know about these first – bagging yourself the best (and cheapest) seats on the plane!

4. Fly from a nearby airport

Instead of paying the big bucks to depart from a big-name airport in your local town, why not shop for deals on the closer (albeit smaller) airport? You’ll save money on transfers to/from your local airport, and because these airlines pay smaller premiums to land in them, you could experience cheaper flights when shopping online.

5. Pay in another currency

Airlines are cheeky, and may charge you additional fees to purchase a seat on their plane if you’re using another currency.

You can avoid this by searching for your online flights using another currency. For example, if I were looking to book Chennai to Colombo flights, I could compare the prices in USD, GBP and INR.

As you can see, there are several tips that you can use to find the lowest price for your flights online. Once you implement them, you’ll be saving cash and travelling the world in no time… Bonus!

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