5 Beard care mistakes to avoid

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Growing a beard is one of the great journeys most men have ‘embarked on. However, along with the growth journey, there are multiple problems that these men face. Most of these problems can be avoided the list of mistakes that a man could potentially make is endless. If you want to grow a full and healthy-looking beard and know how to keep it that way throughout its growth, the following are some of the mistakes you should avoid.

  1. Failure to keep your beard clean

Cleaning your facial hair is a very important part of the beard care process as it is prone to catching everyday stink such as food scraps, dust. Regardless of whether you spend your day indoors or outdoors, keeping your beard clean is a must. You don’t want to repel your loved ones with a foul smell coming from your beards.

This mistake is avoided by the combination of two things: regular trimming and washing. You do not need to trim every day, but at the very least a couple of times a week to remove straggling hairs and ultimately even up the facial hair. It should go without saying to invest in a quality beard trimmer, which you can choose at your own leisure by reading this super guide.

Regarding washing, the products used to clean your facial hair should also not be the same ones you use for your head hair. For example, using head hair shampoo on the beard. Head hair shampoo will strip the facial hairs of their natural oils thus causing the skin underneath to become itchy and sore. Instead, invest in a quality beard shampoo that works wonders for your facial hairs even when used once a week.

  1. Failure to use beard oil

Every man growing a beard knows that beard oil is a must have and one of the most valuable beard care products they will ever own. The benefits of applying beard oil daily include

  • Better looks. Do you want a beard that looks fuller, healthier and shinier? Well, beard oil will do just that for you.
  • Easier to comb. Coating your facial hairs with beard oil makes it easier to maintain. Not using beard oil will make combing a very painful process.
  • Puts an end to itchiness and soreness. Beard oil moisturises the skin underneath your facial hair thus preventing the skin from getting itchy and sore.
  1. Failure to brush your beard

When growing a beard, all you need to do is leave it to grow and that’s all right? Wrong! In order for your beard to look its best, brushing it on a daily basis is a must. Brushing your facial hair has the following benefits:

  • Keeps the beard neat and tidy.
  • Ensures that the beard oil applied has been distributed evenly throughout your beard.
  • Makes certain that your facial hairs do not grow outward-instead they grow facing downward thus making it easier to maintain the beard.
  • Removese unsightly dandruff in your beard.

If you are a new beard grower, it is advisable to use a comb when the facial hair is still on the shorter side. As it gets longer, you could now move on to using a brush; this is because hairs buried deep in the beard cannot be reached by a comb but can be reached by the bristles of a brush.

  1. Impatience

Most beard growers have experienced this; after days or a week of growth, they begin thinking- this will never work. In most cases, these men end up shaving it all off. The issue here is the impatience beard growers tend to have; most men fail to wait to discover the beards’ full potential. One man’s beard growth journey is different from the other man’s journey; If your friend’s beard grew super long in a month’s time and yours seems to be taking forever, it does not necessarily mean you should give up; this comes down to genetics.

If your beard remains patchy even after one month of growth, this does not mean you cannot grow a fuller beard. Just hang in there; within 2 to 3 months of beard growth, most of those patches will have begun filling in. Also, worth noting is that age is a factor; men who are in their early 20’s may have a harder time growing a full beard but when they get to their 30’s growing a beard will be a walk in the park.

  1. Paying less attention to the moustache

Most people are guilty of neglecting the moustache and paying more attention to the beard. However, it is advisable that all beard growers pay just as much attention to their moustache. You do not want to have a beard that looks healthy, neat and tidy and a moustache that is super messy. Your beard and your moustache should complement each other. To keep them both in tiptop condition, invest in the best electric shaver for sensitive skin 2019. Some of the moustache care routines you could try include

  • Using moustache wax. Application of moustache wax ensures that your facial hairs are tamed and can easily be styled.
  • Choosing your style wisely. There are multiple moustache styles you could try. For example, Dali, Walrus etc.
  • All men who are serious about growing a beard ought to invest in a trimmer or a pair of scissors for the beard.
  • Just like your beard, combing your moustache ensures that it stays neat and tidy.

Now you know what to do to have the facial hair of your dreams.

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