Ten travel hacks to save time and money


Travelling is an excellent way of taking your mind off daily routines, learning new things and meeting new friends. However, convenience is not always a word you associate with your travels. With many items required and transportation services engaged, a substantial amount of money has to be spent.

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To ensure that you save some money, knowing the best travel hacks is necessary. We’ve prepared the best travel tips to make sure your trip is efficient and your cash doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket:

  1. Setting up price alerts

When travelling, dictating your prices is a great way of saving money. However, it is impossible to do this when it comes to air travels. Right? Well, thanks to technology, the latter is just a notion.

To save money as a traveller, set price alerts on airlines you want to travel to and specify the money you are willing to part with. When the price reaches the threshold, you get an instant alert to ensure you don’t spend excessive amounts of money on travelling.

This can be easily done using flight apps like google flights and hopper app. Just make sure you do this in plenty of time before you travel to allow sufficient time to speculate a price fall.

  1. Booking a mid-week flight

In business, the price is always subjected to rise with an increase in demand. Similarly, transport services charge more when the number of people in need of service spikes. As such, booking a flight during the weekend or on Monday and Friday may be expensive.

For low prices, go for other days of the week as the demand is lower. For this, ensure that your schedule is flexible thus ensuring that you don’t compromise your travel plans.

  1. Booking afternoon flights

Although many travel hacks for saving money advise on booking flights on less busy days, not many will tell you that prices may vary depending on the time of day. To get the best value of your money, book your flight in the afternoon when the website is least busy.

  1. Enable private browsing when booking flights

Ever found yourself in a case where every time you click on a booking flight site, prices tend to go higher? As much as you may be tempted to think that the demand for the plane is rising it might not entirely be the case.

Using cookies, airlines can keep tabs on your behaviour. As such, by searching a travel agency severally, it shows that you are in dire need of the services, therefore, charges you accordingly. To ensure that you are not victim to this, enable incognito mode; consequently, the sites are not able to tell that it’s the same person viewing the same route.

As a result, you get an easy time comparing various travel agencies and pick the one that suits you best. This without incurring more costs to your pocket.

  1. Investing in a one-way ticket

As real as it is that a round-trip ticket is cheaper than a one-way ticket, the opposite is at times the case. To decide on the best plan for your money, compare the prices for each on various services. While at it, compare several services thus getting the best deals.

While at this, use online services like google flights that will give you comparative charts of services.

  1. Subscribe to a flight program

The idea of membership points is not an entirely new idea. To ensure that you rip the most benefits from traveling agencies, enroll to their programs thus earning membership points every time you enjoy their services. Similarly, if you are someone who is lucky enough to experience private jet flights from websites like Jettly, you can get loyalty bonuses with these companies. 

Once they reach various thresholds, you can redeem the points and enjoy free services on the company. For this, consult with services whose points can be transferred to other airlines thus widening your scope and ensuring you use points sparingly.

  1. Book tickets for one person

Nothing beats the fun of travelling with friends. However, booking tickets for the whole lot can at times be expensive. As a result, consider booking for one person at a time and compare the total with the alternative.

However, if there is a promo for a specific number of people, ensure that you also enjoy the benefits. For this, keep an eye on airlines with promotions in your period of travel, therefore, getting the best value for your money.

  1. Book tickets on less popular sites

Unlike the big brands that have made their name in air travel, less popular counterparts charge a lesser amount of cash. As a result, ensure that you include the underdogs in air travel in your bucket list thus ripping the most benefit from your hard earned money.

  1. Make money online

Nowadays, platforms for freelance writing are many. On these, various clients invest a substantial amount of time in travel writing; therefore, a chance to make money from your travel experiences. Although it may seem impossible to write when travelling, you may indulge article writing services and still make a substantial amount of money.

  1. Do not buy water at the airport

Okay! This may seem far-fetched at first, but when applied, you get to save some cash. After passing the security check at the airport, you get water refill stations that supply clean drinking water. To maximise the benefit of this, buy a water bottle and fetch water for your travels.

This reduces the cost of buying water, therefore, channelling the money into other uses.

To make money when travelling is a trend that you may not afford to miss out. With companies aiming to share experiences from various places, it is ideal that you engage in writing services.

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