Signs that you want a relationship for all the wrong reasons

When the right time for a relationship arrives, no one can stop it. But how many people are willing to wait for this moment? Many people try to rush things believing they don’t have enough time. This can lead to making costly decisions. In fact, a lot of people want a relationship so badly, and this means that they want it for all the wrong reasons. Read on to discover how to know if this is the case.


More likely than not, you want to be in a relationship for the wrong reason if you are desperate for it. And funnily enough, you’ve probably been single for some time. There are more chances of making a mistake if you rush things suddenly. Experts in relationships usually advise people to avoid being desperate. The best thing is to take time and make the right choices.

Addiction to sex

Although good sex is good and is one of the reasons why people want relationships, it should not be the center of the relationship. If you are too addicted, then you are in the relationship for all the wrong reasons. Ideally, you should also focus on other things like engaging in activities and hobbies together, laughing together and helping each other. Be sure to know what your partner loves and what other things are important to her or him in building a strong relationship.

Lost if it ends 

Everyone should be optimistic that her or his relationship will work. This means being fully committed to it. However, one should have a plan of how life would be if things did not work out well in the relationship. Those who do not know themselves outside of their romantic relationships are typically immersed in a relationship for the wrong reasons. Anyone who has tried dating through the Happymatches website may have come across these tips on their blog. Always have a plan about how to move on with life in case the relationship does not succeed but remain optimistic that the relationship will be successful.

Peer pressure

Just because all your friends are in a relationship, it does not mean that you too should be in one. It is crucial to start one when the right time comes along. This time would be after meeting the partner of your dreams and realising that the relationship is right for both of you.

In most cases, doing it because others are in relationships may end up hurting you and wasting so much of your time. This is because you hardly choose who you will be dating now that you are racing against time to be like others. The best thing is to take your time.


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