Money-saving tips when moving house

Moving house can be an expensive business but there are ways you can keep the costs down to a minimum. Here are three tips from Manchester estate agents; Indlu, to help you save money when relocating.

De-clutter as much as you can

There are various approaches to de-cluttering, however, when you’re up against the clock, you might want to try the ‘packing party’ method. Basically de-clutter everything you think you can de clutter and then pack everything else away (keeping a careful note of what is packed where). Then, as you go about your everyday life, you can unpack anything you actually need or really want.

Everything left in the boxes can go unless you can come up
with a really compelling reason for keeping it. While you are doing this, look
for items you can digitize and this includes taking photos of items which have
memories attached but which you don’t really need.

Getting rid of as much stuff as you can will reduce the
amount of work home-movers need to do (or you need to do yourself), plus you
might be able to make a little money out of it. Even if you can’t be bothered
selling your items, donations to registered charities can be set against tax.

Choosing your moving
day strategically

If you can manage to move on a weekday outside the school
holidays, you are likely to get a better deal from a removal company than you
would if you decided to move on one of their busiest days (weekends and the
school holidays).

People with young children may find their hands somewhat
tied here, unless family and/or friends can help out with the children (and/or
the move), because it is likely to be financially counterproductive to pay for
a day’s childcare at a time when you’re not actually going to your place of
employment, but if you’re pre-children, free of children or your children are
older, then moving during the week could be a straightforward way to save some

Prepare your home move
yourself (in good time)

You can arrange for movers to disassemble your furniture
and/or disconnect appliances, but, of course, they will charge you. If you want
to save money, then you can do this yourself and the same goes for reassembling
your furniture and reconnecting your appliances once you reach your

There is a caveat to this, however, which is that you need
to have everything done, dusted and ready to move (literally) by the time the
movers arrive, so that they can just get straight on with it. If you do not,
you will overrun your slot and will be charged extra. That being so, if you’re
in any doubt about your ability to manage this, then it would probably be
better to acknowledge the fact up front and arrange a price beforehand.

When you are moving, if at all possible, keep
your essential items with you and if that is not possible put them into
designated boxes which are clearly identified in some way (like a really
obvious label). That way you are much less likely to be unable to find them and
end up spending money replacing what you know you already have

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