Which Love Islanders have the most Insta-nt attraction?


The villa is heating up.

Paige and Finn are now an official couple, Siannise and Luke T have seriously stolen our hearts and of course, Shaughna became the nation’s hero with two of the most savage words ever spoken… Congrats hun.

With all the recent drama, followers of the show should check out the Love Island Social Scoreboard.

The scoreboard uses a live feed from each contestant’s Insta account to discover who is turning heads, and who’s….not so hot. 

It takes the number of Instagram followers they had prior to entering the show and updates as their follower count does, also revealing their increasing potential earnings! 

Here are the top 5 biggest potential earners (excluding those who have left)

Contestant Potential Earnings on Entering The Villa (Per Post) Potential Earnings Today (Per Post) Current Instagram Followers
Shaughna Phillips £72.68 £4,190.90 863,924
Paige Turley £175.33 £3,077.13 634,328
Callum Jones £59.35 £2,615.77 539,223
Siânnise Fudge £52.22 £1,930.31 397,919
Finn Tapp £9.17 £1,842.91 379,903

At the bottom of the scoreboard is Jordan Waobikeze with potential earnings of only £107.61 per insta post. He currently only has 22,183 followers.
Be sure to keep an eye on the scoreboard throughout the series to see who is moving up the rankings, and keep an eye on the broken hearts for recent departures. 

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