5 Best types of eye makeup for lash extensions

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Eyelash extensions give women long, luscious eyelashes that add volume to their natural lashes. More than that, they feel weightless, look great and are easy to maintain.

However, if you don’t wear the right makeup, you can easily ruin your beauty treatment. What kind of makeup should you avoid?

For one, it’s important not to use any makeup with oil in it. Why? Oil can break down the glue used on your lashes. Additionally, waterproof makeup is harder to remove, which can hurt your lashes when you are trying to remove your makeup at the end of the day.

Now that we know the rules of lash extension makeup, it’s time to find out what the best eye makeup is for lash extensions.

Best eye makeup for lash extensions

1. Eyeliner

As a rule of thumb, don’t use pencil eyeliner. Why? Pencils can tangle your eyelashes when you draw over your eyelid. 

It’s always best to use powder eyeliner, that is oil-free and not waterproof.

One of the best powder eyeliners for eyelash extensions is the Tightline Cake Eyeliner. Despite its powdery material, it’s actually very easy to apply. It glides along lash lines smoothly, providing a defined line that looks great.

2. Mascara

When you have lash extensions, you typically don’t need mascara. The lash extensions already provide your lashes with more volume and length. However, some people still choose to use a little mascara on their lashes. If that’s the case, be careful what mascara you choose to use. The wrong one could ruin your lash extensions!

For one, try to avoid tubing mascara, which will end up sticking to your fake lashes, making the mascara difficult to remove. If you happen to use tubing mascara, be prepared to lose a few of those precious lashes!

The Xtreme Length and Volume Mascara was created specifically for eyelash extensions, though the natural formula is perfect for natural lashes too. This vitamin B5-enriched formula enriches the volume and length of your lashes while avoiding clumps, flakes, or smudges. 

3. Eyeshadow

When you apply eyeshadow, it’s important to make sure it doesn’t get caught in your lashes. To prevent this, use a tight-bristled brush rather than a loose one. This will help prevent any loose particles from straying into your lashes. Additionally, it might be helpful to shake off the excess powder from your brush before applying it. When you apply, look upward to prevent the powder from falling into your eye. 

As mentioned, don’t use any eyeshadow with oil in it. Tarte eyeshadow pallets don’t contain any oil and thus make the perfect eyeshadow for lash extensions!

4. Primer

Primer helps your makeup stay on longer. However, many primers contain oil that can ruin eyelash extensions.

Marc Jacobs Beauty Under(cover) Eye is a great option for people with eyelash extensions. This eye primer is crease-proof and is formulated with coconut extracts to keep your makeup on for up to twelve hours.

5. Concealer

Last but not least, your concealer must not contain any oil either. Nars Soft Matte Complete Concealer is an oil-free, full-coverage concealer that provides a natural, high coverage look that is perfect for any skin tone. 

Wear the best lash extensions!

Now that you know of the best eye makeup for lash extensions, you’re ready for your makeover! So why not treat yourself to some new makeup and some quality eyelash extensions today?

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