Here’s how you can get into the best nightclubs in Las Vegas


There’s no denying that Las Vegas is one of the travel destinations everyone should put on their bucket lists. There’s plenty to see and do in the city, even if you’re not a fan of casinos.

One reason millions of people flock to Las Vegas each year is due to the nightlife. If you’re a veteran club-goer, the hints and tips on this page will probably seem familiar and like common sense to you already. But, if you’re new to nightclubs in general, or are heading out to Las Vegas to have a good time, you’ll find the following information invaluable:

1. Pre-book a table (where possible)

If you’ve got a specific nightclub in mind, it pays to pre-book a table if there’s a group of you looking to enter. Now, some people might read this and think they can try to sweet-talk their way as a group past the doormen – but that seldom happens in reality.

Still, there is one trick you can try when you’re queueing to get into a popular nightspot. Make some friends with a group of people of the opposite sex, and ask if you can go in pairs. You’re more likely to get admitted into the club, and you can always buy the first round of drinks for your new friends as a thank-you!

2. Buy tickets online

Veteran club-goers will always tell you to buy your tickets online if you’re planning to get into a particular venue. Doing so means you can avoid those long lines as the ones for pre-paid tickets is very much shorter.

The good news is there are usually plenty of sites that offer tickets for popular venues across Las Vegas. For example, FVCP can get you club entry to EBC.

3. Ask your hotel for complimentary club passes

You’re likely staying at a hotel in Las Vegas during your visit to the city. If that’s the case, it doesn’t hurt to ask the reception staff at your hotel if they can give you any complimentary club passes.

You may even notice that some club promoters are at your hotel handing out cards and flyers. Find out how you and your group can quickly gain entry to their clubs without waiting in a long queue for ages.

4. Don’t forget to tip the doorman

Whether you pre-book your table/tickets or not, if the club’s doorman has made it easy for you and your group to gain entry, it’d be rude not to tip them. Just don’t try to bribe them to let you skip the queue because it won’t work!

5. Dress to impress

Okay, so this sounds like an obvious statement to make. But to the uninitiated, you need to dress for the occasion. Virtually all nightclubs in Las Vegas have a dress code, so it makes sense to research what that is before you head out for the evening.

Good luck – and have fun!

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