What are the most popular styles of formal footwear for 2020?


A good pair of formal shoes for women is a great investment if you are starting a corporate career. Formal footwear can go a long way in making you appear more professional, serious and confident. There are so many styles to choose from but with an increased number of options, you are bound to feel confused about which one you should buy.

If you are looking for formal shoes for women online or offline, you can choose from any of the styles for formal shoes for women mentioned below.

1. Formal pumps

A pair of pumps is like the little black dress, a timeless and classic option when you cannot decide what to wear. It oozes sophistication and goes well with any formal or casual outfits. You can wear them with a skirt, a pair of trousers or a formal dress, and they would just add elegance to your attire.

If you want to give an elongated look to your legs, you can buy nude pumps as they are in trend. They match with any outfit style and colour and blend with your skin tone to give a rich look to your entire ensemble.

2. High-heeled sandals

Amongst the most favourite formal shoes for women, high-heeled sandals find the second-highest spot. While black is one such colour that never fails to look gorgeous, you can invest in any pair of high heels as they are such a versatile choice. The heels automatically add the chic factor to your outfit and make you walk like a boss. If you have an important meeting to attend, where you want to leave a mark, don a high heeled pair of sandals and a gorgeous formal dress.

3. Formal flats

If your office work requires you to run errands, heels might not be a good option. To save yourself from foot pain, blisters and swelling from wearing the heels for a long time, formal flats come to your rescue. Along with the comfort these shoes offer, they look professional and pack a punch. A good pair of formal flats would have enclosed toes.

4. Mary Jane shoes

If you are looking for comfort, a pair of Mary Jane shoes would be a perfect option for you. They look fab with any outfit and appear more formal yet still cute. They go best with a pair of trousers or short skirt.

5. Kitten heels

Kitten heels offer comfort but just have a touch of a heel for that added height. Not only are they easier to walk in but also offer immense comfort for your feet. You can either choose a pair with peep toe style, without any accessory, or with bows and other embellishments.

6 Block heels

Block heels are quite self-explanatory; they are sandals with heels broader than stilettos, making them appear like a block. These types of heels offer better support and weight distribution, thereby making them a more comfortable option. There are different types of formal block heels available, that you can choose based on your comfort and style preference.

A pair of formal shoes for women is a must-have accessory that woman should own if she is a professional. Depending on your outfit and mood, you can choose to wear pumps, kitten heels, flats, or sandals to leave a mark on your clients and colleagues.

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