What is the best colour of diamond?


Buying diamonds can be a minefield. Where do you start? In the course of your research, you will realise diamond colour is among the most essential determinants of any stone’s quality. Does this mean that there is a preferred/valued diamond colour?

Diamond colour grading chart

According to Pricescope Diamond Forum, an independent and unbiased source of information on diamonds, in this diamond color chart you can see that there are different colour grading scales. However, the most commonly used colour grading charts are those advanced by GIA and AGS during certification. Note that AGS and GIA certifications are the most respected where diamond quality is in question.

How is diamond colour graded?

The GIA (Gemological Institute of America) colour grading chart is by far the most popular. Colour on this chart is graded through the use of letters starting from D to Z. Below is a more detailed look at what each letter symbolises:

  • D, E, F—Diamonds symbolised by these 3 letters are graded as being colourless. A crucial note to keep in mind is that the diamonds in this group don’t have much difference. Additionally, the colour variation isn’t possible to notice using your naked eye.
  • G, H, I, J—If the diamond is placed in any of these 4 categories, the certificate will note that the diamond is Near Colourless. Simply put, the diamond will have some yellowish tints. However, the colour hints aren’t overly visible.
  • K, L, M—Stones placed in this particular group will have been graded as Faint Yellow.
  • N to Z—Diamonds placed in this colour group are those that have been graded as Very Light Yellow to Light Yellow. Such stones are not only cheaper than the ones in the other categories, but their coluor is also easily visible using the naked eye.

Stones having a very rich colour are often termed as fancy-colour stones. As such, this scale isn’t used to grade such diamonds. In some cases, the diamond experts refer to them as having a Z+ colour grade.

Colourless diamonds and affordability

The value of a diamond, when using colour as the main determinant increases as its white colour reduces. For diamond enthusiasts looking to invest in a colourless diamond, it’s recommended to place your focus on stones that are within the D, E, F group.

Stones falling within the D range are considered to possess the best colour. On the other hand, they are also expensive and very rare. In this case, any person looking to acquire a colourless diamond, but who doesn’t have a ton of money to splash on it should buy within the lower range. This will involve focusing on diamonds graded F.

It’s an opportunity for you to save a great deal of money without having to worry about the colour. While the difference between stones graded D and F isn’t visible using the naked eye, there are precise measurement tools that can help with this.


Many online shops will help you with the selection process, taking the time to communicate the differences between the various colour grades. While many people concentrate all their attention on the carat (size), they tend to ignore just how important the colour is. This includes overlooking the value of colourless diamonds which helps to explain their retail prices and their overall desirability.





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