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Types of Gemstone Jewelry Every Woman Should Know 2022


As women, we love jewelry, loads and loads of jewelry. Recent trends have shown about the love of women towards colorful crystals known as gemstones. The adornment for a colorful variety ofgemstone silver jewelry has risen to new heights as compared to precious jewels like diamonds, rubies, emeralds, etc. A lot of reasons and advantages […]


How handmade jewellery makes a statement


Jewellery is now big business, especially handmade jewellery. This has been brought about by the growing trend for handcrafted items in general and handmade jewellery in particular. These are pieces that are made by either a single person or a small team of artisans, using the same process and materials. People have been collecting handmade […]


What is the best colour of diamond?


Buying diamonds can be a minefield. Where do you start? In the course of your research, you will realise diamond colour is among the most essential determinants of any stone’s quality. Does this mean that there is a preferred/valued diamond colour? Diamond colour grading chart According to Pricescope Diamond Forum, an independent and unbiased source […]


Learning when to invest in the silver market

Ever thought of investing some extra pennies in stocks or shares? Perhaps you’ve considered silver or gold? You can invest in the silver market by buying coins, bars, coins, exchange-traded funds or exchange-traded notes. However, your investment strategy should change from time to time, given that silver is a highly volatile metal. One reason why […]