Looking for love: How to find your perfect match


Are you fed up with being single? Maybe you feel like you are ready to start a new relationship but don’t seem able to find your perfect match. Either way, there’s no doubt that many people love to be in a relationship and hope to find ‘the one,’ that special person they can share their life with.

In films, finding the love of your life seems to happy pretty quickly, there may be a few hiccups along the way to build up the suspense, but in the end, the couple are guaranteed a happily ever after.

Unfortunately, in real life, finding love is rarely straightforward. Finding Mr or Mrs Right can involve meeting plenty of Mr or Mrs Wrongs first. If you are on the lookout for a new relationship, why not try some of the following tips and see if they can lead you to that special someone?

Try something new

If you’re hoping to meet new people, sitting at home after night will not help. After all, if you keep doing the same things over and over, you will keep getting the same results. When lockdown is over, try something new to mix up your routine a little and to increase your chances of meeting someone. 

Trying something new such as speed dating is an excellent way to meet people that are also on the lookout for a relationship, and the best bit is that it’s loads of fun too. Even if you don’t find love on your first attempt at speed dating you could find that you make some new friends. Why not give it a try – if you like it you could make it a regular activity.

Widen your social circle

The rules of probability show that the more people that you know, the more likely you are to meet a future love interest. Widening your social circle so that you spend time with a larger group of people could help you to find someone special.

Joining groups or taking classes are both excellent ways of meeting new people. Choosing to join a course or group related to your main interest will also help you to meet people that share the same passion. Whether you love to cook or are passionate about running, there are many clubs and classes that you can join to find like-minded people.

Stay calm

Setting out desperately in search of love is rarely a good way to find your perfect match. Judging every person that you meet as ‘husband or wife material’ could reduce your chances of finding love. Being too focused on finding perfection will prevent you from recognising positive qualities in the people that you meet. 

If you have a set idea of the type of person that you are looking for, you could miss opportunities to get to know someone perfect for you without even realising. Instead of sticking with a type, why not get to know each person based on their individual qualities? You could find that you are pleasantly surprised.

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