Pros and cons of plastic surgery


Deciding to undergo plastic surgery is a massive challenge. There are several factors that you will need to consider before making your final decision. Moreover, you should note that the results of your decision will permanently change your appearance. 

Typically, people opt for plastic surgery because of two major reasons—enhancing their appearance or repairing damage to their body. However, plastic surgery does have negative effects too. That’s why you should make sure that you check on both the pros and cons of your procedure before making your decision. 

Below we list the pros and cons of plastic surgery. 


Improved appearance

Enhanced appearance is the greatest benefit of plastic surgery. If done correctly, the surgery will align your desired appearance with your natural look. So, if you plan to undergo any plastic surgery procedure, make sure that you really need to change your appearance.

Moreover, after your procedure is over, your appearance will change forever. Therefore, you must be ready to live with the changes that come with the surgery. Mostly, cosmetic surgery is ideal for people with congenital disabilities. Besides, it’s also ideal for people who are psychologically affected by how they look.

Better physical health

Yes, plastic surgery does help in improving your physical health—if you didn’t know. For instance, certain procedures like rhinoplasty does not only improve the shape and appearance of your nose, it also assists in improving any breathing problems that you might have.

Liposuction comes with such benefits too. According to the plastic surgeons from Phoenix, Peoria, patients who undergo this surgical procedure tend to become physically active after undergoing plastic surgery. As a result, the patients have lower chances of developing certain health issues like heart disease, hypertension, and diabetes.

Enhanced confidence

If done correctly, plastic surgery will fix and change your appearance to better suit your appearance. At the end of the day, your self-esteem will be improved. You will be surprised by how plastic surgery can improve your mental health and social life as well. Since your new look will boost your confidence, you will notice that you’ve started to feel better in the different aspects of your life.

You will never struggle with insecurities caused by how you look physically. Patients who’ve struggled to accept their physical appearances are some of the greatest beneficiaries of plastic surgery.

Permanent results

Plastic surgery does have permanent results. Once your surgery is over, you don’t have to worry about going back to the undesired appearance after a while. However, surgeons advise plastic surgery patients to take care of themselves after the surgery if they want the results to last forever.

For example, some procedures like liposuction require the patient to observe an active and healthy lifestyle if they don’t want to gain more weight—which can be hard to shed. However, you must ensure that a professional performs the surgery if you want to enjoy the permanent results.

Psychological benefits

How does plastic surgery affect you psychologically? Some people have a challenge when it comes to socializing with others because of their appearance. However, since the procedure will enhance your appearance, you will find it easier to socialize with others since you will have improved confidence.

Several studies have shown that people who are not comfortable with their appearance do struggle with depression and anxiety—and this can lead to serious mental problems. However, plastic surgery can solve these problems completely. In fact, this is one of the reasons why most people choose to undergo plastic surgery. They believe that the positive psychological effects associated with plastic surgery are worth the money they spend on the procedure.


Possible risks and complications

Just like all other surgical procedures, cosmetic surgery has potential risks and complications—regardless of whether it’s a major or minor procedure. Therefore, you need to make the necessary preparations and considerations, as well. Make sure that you are mentally and physically prepared before undergoing plastic surgery.

It’s important to note that major damages can happen in certain scenarios. Thus, you need to be extra cautious when choosing your plastic surgeon. A simple mistake of choosing an unqualified or uncertified surgeon can lead to serious negative outcomes.

It is costly

Plastic surgery is not cheap, and it will never be cheap. If you decide to undergo this procedure, you will realize that you have to spend a lot of money. At times, you can even spend thousands of dollars just to get your procedure done. This is a major challenge for people who desperately need plastic surgery, and they don’t have such kind of money.

Sadly, insurance companies don’t cover plastic surgery procedures, apart from the ones performed because of health reasons. But, you are not assured that such procedures will be covered too. At times, a patient will need to undergo several procedures for them to achieve their desired results.

Certain cases like imperforate anus and severe burns require multiple surgeries, in addition to other treatments in between the surgeries. In such cases, a patient can spend a fortune before they achieve their anticipated results.

The risk of pain and drug addiction

Certain plastic surgery procedures such as skin grafting can be very painful. In addition to this, the recovery can take a lot of time, and the patient has to endure a lot of discomfort and pain. At the end of the day, your surgeon will prescribe medication to manage the pain.

This, however, presents a new challenge—the risk of drug addiction. Some patients who experience chronic pain after their surgery get addicted to their prescribed pain medication. If left unchecked, this can lead to serious drug addiction.

The risk of scarring

Plastic surgery can leave you with scars—but this will depend on the type of procedure performed. Certain plastic surgery procedures can leave the patient with visible scars. This isn’t a problem if the scars are hidden. However, it can be a major disappointment when the big scars appear in visible areas, and yet the patient expects flawlessly smooth skin.

Plastic surgery isn’t a solution for everything

Plastic surgery will solve the aesthetics part of your life—not the mental aspect. Some people believe that cosmetic surgery cannot solve their mental and emotional issues. That means, even if a certain procedure enhances their appearance, it won’t make them feel better in any way. And the sad thing is, they will spend quite a fortune to undergo the procedure.

Plastic surgery takes a lot of time

This is another major drawback of cosmetic surgery. You will need to recover after your surgery—even when you’ve undergone the slightest procedure. However, the most complicated and critical operations do need a lot of time—right from the surgery itself to recovery. Patients who require to undergo multiple procedures require more time to recover. At the end of the day, you’ll realize that you have to spend a lot of time outside your normal activities.

Bottom Line

It’s important to make sure that you make yourself conversant with all the pros and cons of plastic surgery, in addition to the ones highlighted above. Make sure that you do the due process to make sure that you know whatever you need in regards to plastic surgery. At the end of the day, you should understand that choosing plastic surgery is a personal decision. Therefore, there’s nothing right or wrong with your decision. Some patients say that plastic surgery has had a positive impact on their lives, while others claim to have unrealistic expectations about the procedure. Therefore, make sure that you choose plastic surgery for the right reasons—and these reasons should be personal.

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