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What if I told you there was an online tool that you could use, which takes almost all of the stress and hassle out of your wedding planning and allows you to make your wedding as fun as possible with just a few clicks of a button?

Well, you’ll be glad to know that this tool exists. It’s known as Bridebook. You may have wondered what all the hype is about. After all, amassing 160,000 Instagram followers just three months after launch inevitably means they’re doing something right! 

The tool was created in 2011 when an ex-banker decided that it was time for a new solution in the wedding planning industry. After realising that wedding planning systems still function on the near-500-year-old mail service, he decided to take matters into his own hands and created a new digital solution. 

Wedding planning should be a fun thing. I don’t think that anybody wants to have to moan and stress over planning their big special day. That is where Bridebook can help you. So In today’s post, we are going to offer the definitive review of Bridebook, going over the pros and cons of each feature so you can know if it’s right for you. 

So, what is Bridebook?

Bridebook is an entirely free wedding planner which allows users to plan all the necessary details of their wedding. You can find all the suppliers you need, manage all your budgets and create your guest lists digitally with ease. Not to mention the free checklist feature which allows users to stay organised and on track. Each task also has its mini-tasks; this will enable users to figure out exactly how far through the wedding planning process; they are in a % figure. 

As well as that, users can get access to all the latest tips for planning weddings, as well as a collection of inspirational photos to choose from. 

There is a guest list feature within the app, which allows users to make a note of the guest list while tracking exactly who they have sent invites to and who has responded to the invites. When it comes to budgeting and managing cost, users are truly spoilt. Every part of your plan is taken into account. You can enter your target budget and find out how far under your budget you are at any given stage of the planning process. 

Do you need Bridebook?

The truth is, it depends. Whether or not you need Bridebook depends on your planning style and any unique features about your wedding. For example, you may not see much use in the ‘suppliers’ section if you know already have that section sorted.

But no-one can deny the usefulness of a budget section, or the ability to keep track of invites. It can be a huge pain to keep track of them all via a paper list – as any married couple will tell you. So for most couples, these are possibly the most invaluable features.

While of course there are plenty of generic wedding planners available online, this one has some advanced features which truly sets it apart from the other options. The most impressive of all is perhaps what is referred to as “Boss Mode”. This is a button which immediately flashes a generic spreadsheet across your screen, so it doesn’t appear as if you have been planning your wedding during your working hours.

Other impressive features include the RSVP system, which allows guests to submit stories to the best man as speech material, or messages to be sent to the bride the night before her big day. 

Guests can also submit text donations to the church, and the bride can send to-do lists for the mother, bridesmaids and grooms, to make it a fully collaborative process. 

Is it easy to use?

Absolutely! Bridebook has a very modern and well laid out design which makes it very easy to navigate for couples. After you complete all of the information on the app, you will be greeted with a countdown and a small list of tasks to complete on your checklist. 

The budget section of the platform comes with many preloaded entries such as the dress, entertainment, venue, photographer and more! However, all couples have total freedom to change these names and delete them if need be, to match the unique features of a wedding. 

The checklist is also pre-set but can be changed or adapted depending on your wedding. For example, if you plan on getting married abroad, you can add specific tasks which may be of use to you. Alternatively, if you’re having a small and simple wedding, then you can take away tasks that you won’t be needing. 

Handy application

In conclusion then, Bridebook is a handy application to have, and takes the stress and hassle out of planning your wedding. After all, your wedding is a once in a lifetime occasion, it is something that you should cherish and look forward to, not something that invites stress and hassle into your life. The broad range of features and tools that can be used in Bridebook can be a real lifesaver for couples. Yet best of all, it’s completely free! 

Should you get Bridebook? We think so. It is a much handier alternative than having to juggle between multiple separate spreadsheets for budgets, guest lists and other niggly lists. You would have to search long and hard to try to find another online wedding planner with as many features as Bridebook. The app has absolutely everything you need to take the worries out of wedding planning, making it something that can be enjoyed, because truthfully, all weddings should be that way.

So whether you’re looking for DJ Hire Essex or more information on hiring a DJ this tool can help! 

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