Five skincare tips to transform your routine

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Skincare can be confusing to get your head around. There’s a lot to learn and there’s always a new trend that everyone suddenly swears by. Should you be double-cleansing? What do acids do? Do you need products for dry skin? If you’re confused, don’t worry. Here are some clever skincare tips to help you get your skincare routine right, so you can have your best skin ever. 

Get to know your skin

If you understand your skin and get to know it, you can make better decisions about your skincare. If you’re not sure what skin type you have, you could accidentally compromise the natural balance of your skin and make it irritated, inflamed, or even cause breakouts or signs of aging. Most people have skin that is either oily, acne-prone, dry, sensitive, or mature. You can also be more than one type, which is known as combination skin. Learn your skin type, and remember that it may be different in different seasons. Listen to your skin. Zo Skin Health have an arry of skin enhancers that will work for different skin types.

Layer your skincare

If you apply your skincare products in the wrong order, you could cause them to not to be fully absorbed, which means they won’t work as well for you. As a general rule, apply your most lightweight formulas first, so they can easily be absorbed into the skin, without a heavier cream creating a barrier. To avoid piling (little balls that occur when you’ve put too much product on), when you apply a thicker cream, give your skin time to absorb it.


Double-cleansing was first popular in Korean skincare, but has become popular with beauty addicts around the world. By doing a double-cleanse, you can be sure that all the dirt, bacteria, oil, and pollution that has built up on your skin during the day has been properly removed. This means you know that you have a clean base ready for you night time skincare routine. 

Always patch test

Before you use a new skincare product for the first time, do a small patch test to reduce the risk of irritation or allergic reaction. Apply a small amount of the product to your inner arm and wait to see how your skin reacts to the formula. Even if you don’t usually have sensitive skin, you can have a reaction at any time, so always test a new product first. 

Never use expired products

Using products past their expiry date is bad for your skin. Beauty products can harbour bacteria, which can then lead to infections and irritations, and they just won’t work as well. If you can’t remember when you bought it, get rid of it. Look for a symbol of a jar with a floating lid. This tells you how long you can use the product for after you’ve opened it. For example, if this jar says 12M, this means the product is good for twelve months. 


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