Tips for a more relaxing bedroom space

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You know the importance of a relaxing bedroom, of course.

This is the room you can retreat to when you want to relax, regenerate, and refresh your tired mind. This is the place where you can benefit from a good night’s sleep. But if your bedroom is failing you in these areas, it might be time to make a few changes.

So, where do you start? Well, here are some suggestions you might find useful.

Create a clean and tidy relaxing bedroom space

A clean and tidy bedroom space is good for you on multiple levels. It will look better, for starters, so on an aesthetic level, you will benefit if you clean up your space.

A cleaner space is also more hygienic, so it’s good for you on a physical level too.

And in terms of your relaxation time, you will be able to chill out more easily if there is no clutter, and if there are no leftover food and drink spills on the floor.

So, make the effort to clean regularly, and then get rid of any clutter. You can do this by throwing things you don’t need away, or by purchasing new storage for your room. New drawers that fit under your bed, new wardrobes, and extra shelving are just some of the storage items you might go for. 

Freshen up your walls with new colours

Some colours are better than others when it comes to calm and relaxation, so be sure to do your research first.

According to this website, blue, green, lavender, and grey are among the best colours when trying to create a soothing bedroom, so you might want to consider the same for your room. When it comes to colours to avoid, the general consensus seems to be red and yellow, especially in brighter shades. Still, consider what suits you when trying to find the best colour for your room.

After painting your walls, complement the colours with curtains and bedsheets to match. You might want to paint your wardrobes and shelving units too, and you might want to hang up wall art that sits well with your room’s design.

Add sensory items

A new colour scheme will work wonders for your visual senses, but think about the senses of smell and touch too. 

In terms of smell, you might want to add a few vases of flowers, some scented candles, and a bowl of potpourri. In terms of the latter, you might even want to make your own potpourri, as you will be able to customise it with your favourite fragrances. 

In terms of touch, you might want to change your bedding to ensure a better night’s sleep. A new set of bedsheets could work wonders, as could a few woollen throw blankets to wrap yourself up in. Visit the Natural Bed Company for some luxurious examples. 


If your bedroom space isn’t conducive to rest and relaxation, consider what you might do to change matters. Follow our suggestions, and look online for any decor ideas to improve your chances of better downtime in your bedroom sanctuary.

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