5 fun ways to celebrate your wedding anniversary


Where do we go? What do you want to do? These are typical questions couples ask each other when wedding anniversaries are just around the corner.
To make it more fun, surprise your better half for a change. Turn to the internet and look for exciting ideas in case you can’t fill out your to-do list at the moment. Also, this might be th right time to reconnect with your cabo wedding planner from 10 years ago (or find a new one). She or he might have valuable suggestions too.
But on your own, the first thing you should do is to organise your thoughts. Think of the stuff you will both enjoy doing, but narrow down your choices. It would be easier to decide which route to take when you have identified the top places or activities you have dreamed of doing with your partner.
Here are our top five fun ideas:

Revisit your wedding destination (or pick a new one)

Escape to a romantic getaway. In deciding which vacation spot, you can choose to revisit that romantic place where it all happened many years ago. For instance, if you had a destination wedding in a place like Esperanza cabo or anywhere in Los Cabos, go back to that same place and reminisce. Maybe you can reserve for the same room you had stayed in before. You can even upgrade now that you have saved enough for travel and leisure. Have a candlelight dinner at the same spot overlooking the sea. When you revisit the places where your wedding day took place, it reminds you of your commitment to each other and why you got married in the first place.

If you haven’t had a spa for a long time, now is a chance to avail of these services during this romantic escapade. Ask for a deep massage. It is a whole new way of releasing the love vibe because massages release oxytocin – a love hormone.

Go to a comedy bar

Have a good laugh. What can be more uplifting than having a great time in a comedy bar for entertainment? Try to look for a reputable bar nearest your area because these events do end in the wee hours of the morning. If you do fancy venturing further afield there are amazing comedy venues in New York, Los Angeles, Denver, and the San Francisco. Many comedy bars offer drinks with dinner, so indulge.

It is one night you are going to remember. And while it is extra special and you want to spend time together, it won’t hurt to invite another couple that is one of your closest friends.
Sharing a good laugh with good friends makes it twice as enjoyable.

Visit scenic spots

Rent a van that comes with amenities if you want to stay comfortable even in long drives. There are a lot of scenic areas where you can park your van and enjoy the view. There are
vans equipped with seats and a canopy that you can bring out so you can enjoy the outdoors. Lounge outside and pass the time.

While you are out on that scenic spot and enjoying a majestic view of the mountains, the setting sun, or a beautiful lake, make sure to leave your phones in the van for a change.
Unplug during the whole trip. Or if you cannot for a good reason, make a rule that you won’t answer your phones when having lunch or are just relaxing in each other’s company. The intention here is to have uninterrupted time for each other. It is your anniversary, a once-a- year celebration.

Go to a drive-in movie

Instead of going to a regular cinema, go to a drive-in movie nearby. Charges may run higher, but the pleasure you get from it is worth it. Aside from being able to cozy up with a
pack of buttered popcorn, you get the privacy you need in the comforts of your vehicle. It is a no-holds-bar time. You can talk about anything under the stars (literally). You do not have to be extra quiet because moviegoers will not hear you anyway.  If this is your first time to go to a drive-in movie, make sure to read and understand the rules.

Watch a live sports event

Now, this is for those who are sports lovers. But even if only one of you is an avid sports fan, it does not matter. Anyway, if you are doing it for a loved one, why not. Sometimes, the best gift to a spouse is your time. Accompany him to a sports event he has been looking forward to seeing live. Surprise him with two tickets for a major baseball, football, basketball, or hockey event and witness a priceless reaction from your hubby.

Be sure to plan this ahead of time so you have a choice of courtside seats, or else you might end up in the standing room only area.
Marriage is a life-long commitment. Add more happy memories to it by celebrating anniversaries in ways that can be fun and will keep the spark alive!

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