7 top tips to get your home Autumn-ready


While we have been blessed with a few more sunny days, the temperatures have started to drop and the days are becoming shorter. Now, the prospect of spending most evenings indoor reading a book on the sofa started to become more and more appealing! So, why not spend the upcoming weekend turning your home into a comfortable, cosy place where to retreat to when the evenings get too cold to go out? Here is a short cheat sheet you can follow!

Invest in new pillows and throws

As the energy of summer starts to leave us, we all just want to stay indoors in the company of our favourite book or TV series characters. Turning your living room into a cosy place for you and your family is not challenging, and you can achieve perfect results with just a few additions. 

Among the most important ones are throws, pillows, and cushions. These can help you modify the atmosphere in any room without having to go through a complete remodelling process, but they can also be extremely functional.

Indeed, throws and cushions might help you feel warm even if the outside temperature has dropped. So, you can postpone the moment when you need to switch on the heating – something that can help you save money and do something positive for the environment. 

Rethink your furniture

If summer is for colourful, lightweight items that need to be resistant to the damage of UV rays, autumn and winter are perfect for turning your home into a little corner of paradise. Indeed, you will start spending more and more time indoors, so adding pieces of furniture that can make any room look elegant, cosy, and sophisticated is essential. 

For example, modern sofas in fabric might become the focal point you were missing in your room while creating a place where the whole family can gather and relax. From a health point of view, switching furniture every once in a while is essential to prevent respiratory illnesses and allergies.

And, while in summer ventilation and air circulation can help you keep your furniture healthy, in winter you can’t always count on this help. So, investing in new couches, sofas, mattresses, and chairs can help you create a safe environment for your whole family.

Change your wardrobe

Autumn and spring are the least predictable seasons when it comes down to guessing what the weather and temperatures are going to be like during the day. Sometimes it might be too warm for a jumper, while some other times you might need more layers to stay warm!

Switching to your winter wardrobe now might help you be prepared for those days when the daytime temperatures suddenly drop halfway through the afternoon. While this might be a lengthy process that is often considered a waste of a Sunday afternoon, it will help you save valuable time before heading to the office!

When storing away your summer-season items, make sure they are all; washed and neatly folded to avoid running the fibres in the process. They will have to be put away all winter and, not caring for them in the proper way now might mean that you will have to replace them all next spring!

Get the fireplace going

Having a fireplace inside the house is a luxury that only some people can count on. And, undoubtedly, lighting a fire is one of the best ways to create a cosy atmosphere. However, many homeowners fall for the trap of not cleaning it, and they end up never using it! Oppositely, with the right maintenance, your fireplace can always be ready to house a new fire – and without much effort!

Since this is the beginning of the cold season, cleaning the fireplace now and setting it up can be the best way to enjoy a fire throughout the winter season! If you are not comfortable doing all this by yourself, get in touch with a professional and save time and effort! 


Getting your home ready for winter is much more than picking new throws. Indeed, during the cold season, we all spend much more time indoors – something that makes it paramount to turn your home into a functional, clean, and relaxing place for you and your whole family. 

Decluttering is an essential aspect of this process, and you should not hold back when it comes down to throwing away items you no longer use. 

These are often the ones that constitute the main bulk of the clutter in any garage, and they can represent a waste of valuable space. Instead, make a box of items that you are happy to give away to a charity and enjoy your now clean and organized home!

Purify the air – naturally!

As we leave summer behind, we also run the risk of shutting nature outside our home. However, it is vital to create that connection with the natural world throughout the season. You will be able to see the positive impact on your health out of this lifestyle change!

However, it does not have to imply anything costly or complicated. Indeed, you can obtain optimal results just by picking a few houseplants to dye your home with. 

Plants have been seen to help reduce the effects of stress and anxiety while increasing productivity. However, one of the essential benefits that houseplants can offer you is the fact that they can help you purify indoor air. This is essential during the winter season when doors are closed, and rooms don’t benefit from a constant flow of fresh air.

Look after your garden

Don’t forget about the outside area of your home! Indeed, there are still a few evenings that you can spend on the patio. Looking after your garden and implementing a few tips to improve its look now will help you enjoy a beautiful atmosphere for longer throughout the colder months. And, even better, you won’t have to think about it when it gets too cold to spend whole days outside!


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