Tidy up your home to make it a functional space!


When the house is tidy, everyone in your home feels great. Of course, this is not easy to maintain especailly with kids running about. But there are some things that make your home look messy no matter what.

Take for examples, the kitchen counter or the shelving above the bathroom sink. No matter how tidy it is, when there are dozens of things up there, the image the house gives is … cluttered. So here’s what you can do about it. Look at local storage providers just in case you have any furniture that may be cluttering the place up but you don’t want to part with. 

Clean your closet of things you no longer use

Time to go out to the bazaar. If you are thinking a lot about whether to wear a garment again, then put it in the bag. If you don’t wear it within six months. it’s definitely time to get rid.  Sell unwanted stuff on facebook marketplace to avoid fees or on  ebay Don’t let clothes clutter your room as this will stop good energy from flowing.

Organise correspondence and important paperwork

Brochures and newspapers pile up day by day and the waste can mount up. For the most important correspondence papers or bills, keep them in envelopes or pay them and then throw them away. If you want to go one step further, adopt online payments to keep your mailbox clean. Recycle all paper and cardboard!

Clear the kitchen table 

One day it is clean and the next it’s been turned into open storage. Remove laptops, unwashed dishes and other paper from your desk. Being able to eat at a clean table will give you less stress and more quality time with family.

Recycle old books

Organise a book sale in your garden. Kids will love helping you do this. Of course, old books can be a taste of retro decor, but they must have a practical purpose. Ask any friends or family who are avid book readers and may be interested in reading them. If there is no one, then give them away or put them in a charity bagt: you will be surprised to see how many people will really want to grab some of your unwanted books.

Get rid of useless accessories

Nobody trully knows your taste in fashion and accessories but yourself. So if by trying one of them you know that it no longer suits you or you do not like it, give it away or ask if your children or a friend wants it. Face facts – you probably won’t wear it again, because you said the same thing last time and obviously still haven’t! Bin any unwanted skin care and makeup or bits that have been open for more than 6 months.

Throw away toys that you do not use

Depending on the age of your children or grandchildren, this can be either an easy task or a difficult one. Toys can clutter things so easily and kids often have quite a few of them. 

If the toys have remained in a box without being used for a long time, then it is good to give them away or sell them. If they take up space in the house, ask your children if they still want them. If not, give them away. They could do a garage sale!


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