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Are you considering assisted living communities for women as your option for the next years? Maybe you’re considering the option for your mum or grandma. First, you need to know that there is a difference between other senior living options and the offers of assisted living. This makes residential assisted living facility unique as compared to other facilities. To understand more about assisted living for women, here are some facts that you should know:

What is assisted living?

Generally, assisted living provides long-term care for older persons. However, they do not really give full-time and skilled care. Unlike independent living, assisted living provides more care services. However, they are not like nursing homes. There are different amenities and facilities that the independent living residents will be able to enjoy in an assisted living for women. Overall, the residents can be independent and active as they go on with their daily living. There are just some added assistance and services.

Are there assisted living requirements?

There are some important requirements that an applying resident should be able to pass for her to become a part of an assisted living community for women. They usually have a health standard that is considered in admitting the residents. They may require that you must be able to so some activities independently.

How much does assisted living cost?

Senior assisted living cost may differ according to the facilities that are available. An average of $3,750 is the minimum for a one-bedroom unit for a single patient. The size of the apartment unit, the needed services, the type of residence and the amenities are the factors to be considered when looking into the price. There are shared apartments that are cheaper and there are also private apartments that may cost more.

What does assisted living help with?

There are different services that are being offered to assist the residents in an assisted living community. This include but are not limited to bathing, eating, dressing, grooming and taking medications. They also provide housekeeping and transferring assistance.

  • They can provide help in showing, brushing teeth, shaving and others.
  • If you are having a hard time putting your clothes or just pulling zippers, this is something that you will be assisted on.
  • You can also expect help in eating.
  • If you need to use the wheelchair to move around, you will be assisted in getting to bed and moving to the wheelchair.
  • Using the toilet is also something that is also on the list.

What are the services and benefits?

Here are the different services and benefits you will be able to get from assisted living for women:

  • Different levels of care are provided depending on the community. The license provided to the specific community will let you know the kind of care you will be expecting from them.
  • There are communities that welcome pets. So, if you are planning to move in with your pet, you just have to ask first if they allow it. Majority of the assisted living communities allow residents with pets.
  • There are a lot of assisted living communities that are designed to meet specific cultural requirements. They adjust according to the diet, language and religion. You can choose from culturally diverse options.
  • Some assisted living communities over memory care programs. This is an option for residents with dementia. There are specially trained experts that can help in this program. This is added to improve the quality of life of the residents and to increase safety.
  • There are classes and programs that encourage residents to have an active lifestyle. The goal of assisted living communities is to achieve holistic wellness among its residents. With that, amenities and facilities are available to fulfill that goal.

According to studies, residents in assisted living communities are more likely to ask assistance in dressing and in bathing. The most common health issues that most residents are experiencing are high blood pressure, Alsheimer’s and heart diseases. Assisted living for women is a great option not only for you to be able to get the assistance you need but also to be able to live your life to the fullest. These communities are open to assisting and providing your needs. But most importantly, they are open to the option of maintaining your freedom to be able to live a happy life. You will be able to enjoy the activities that you love to do and you will also be introduced to other activities that are good for you. These are just few of the benefits that assisted living for women provide.

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