House of Rouse Launches Debut Collection


UK premium mens apparel and lifestyle brand House of Rouse has launched with a limited release of items from the debut collection. While starting small the initial range of T-Shirts will be quickly followed by further apparel and lifestyle items throughout the year.

Founded by Creative Director Andy Rouse, HOR a celebration of subtle, sometimes irreverent, sometimes silly, sometimes saucy statement style and will be releasing high-quality but low-quantity items as drops and limited editions.

Quotes from Rouse:
“The brand is my design playground and the concept slowly came together over a couple of years. The name came first as a response to the constant mispronunciation of Rouse, when telephone salespeople would call in the 90’s asking for Mrs Roose, I always remember my Mam cutting them short with a beautifully piece of alliteration – ‘it’s Rouse as in House’. I always liked the sound and wanted to turn it into something playful. After sitting on the name for a while I started to develop the product concept where I reimagine the brand acronym as irreverent statements for streetwear – ‘Hell-bent on Romance’ being the first release in the capsule. Stylistically speaking I’ve always been drawn to simple evergreen looks and coloursways and I wanted this to come out as a smart street look.”

“Another design is an attempt to own my rather embarrassing name, you see I am Mr Andy Rouse… Mr A Rouse… you get where this is going right? This has dogged my life since it was first spotted in a secondary school English lesson. I can’t escape it, so I thought why not take it – and so the House of Aroused was born.”

Additional lifestyle and product images are available on request and Andy Rouse is available for further comment.


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