5 Eyelash Makeup Fails That You Can Avoid

Eyelash Makeup Fails

Every woman is a makeup lover. I mean most of them! 

If you are new to the era of faux eyelashes, it’s usual to make mistakes and end up misguided. Makeup is a modern form of art and needs proper knowledge and practice to have the desired outcome. Just watching random makeup fail videos won’t be fruitful enough. You need to practise them at home before your party bell rings. There are some brands trying hard to manufacture eyelashes that could be beneficial to all makeup lovers.

Successful makeup experts will confirm that if not for their most disastrous makeups, they wouldn’t have come so far. 

It’s reasonable that you are here because of previous mistakes and aren’t willing to go for another.

We have involved the 5 most eyelash makeup fails you can avoid and how to achieve that. 

  1. Never ever apply eyelashes without trimming them off: Trimming sets your favourite latest eye fashion trend right and eliminates unwanted extra length that would have otherwise exhausted the whole look. Hygiene is the base of everything you do with your body, even if it’s a makeup eyelash. Always clean your lashes after using. This will help them get rid of dirt and germs present and establish eye safety. 

  1. Applying lashes too fast: Yes, you read it right. Applying lashes too fast causes it to fall off. Let the glue dry a bit before attaching them. That would help the eyelashes hold the glue and make it stay for longer periods. 

Vegan and cruelty free lashes are in trend and many celebs are trying it, going vegan has become quite a trend. The cruelty-free magnetic lashes would be the best if you’re still struggling with this. Applying False Eyelashes has never been easier but if you know the process, it won’t be a problem on frequent use. 

  1. Trimming from the wrong side of the eyelash: As the eyelash narrows down the inner side, it’s important that you don’t trim it from that part. Rather try trimming from the wider outer part. Set it according to your look, whether winged or bold. 

  1. Curling your lashes before applying: Well, if you are a fan of curling lashes before applying, you should stop it promptly. When you curl the eyelashes, their shape changes and then when you try to place it, it won’t set. This is one of the worst makeup fails that need altering. Thank me later!

  1. Placing the lashes from sideways: In order to make sure that your falsies aren’t getting off their places, it’s imperative to place the lashes in a suitable position. Many of you must have tried to place them from the sides, and observed them fall out in the middle of a party. That wasn’t a cute look I bet! Try them from the front and you’ll get precise fitting and never tripping lashes again! 

It’s hard to be perfect at first. But you may actually achieve that makeup goal someday. Once you’re ready feel free to share your story with other newbies. That’ll surely be of help. 

These days the eyelash qualities have degraded, and even after investing, we don’t get that quality in products.

Thanks to Lesamarie for making one of the best vegan eyelashes in Australia. Their cruelty-free mink lashes have metallic accents and rhinestones that will give you comfort and confidence in a bundle. 

While saying that, makeup is an art form in itself and you deserve to experiment accordingly. 

Follow the above steps and try re-creating things in order to express yourself and you’ll flounder.

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