Seven Ways to Scale Your E-Commerce Fashion Brand in 2021

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In 2020, many businesses suffered major losses and had to turn to digital tools to keep their companies adrift. Nonetheless, the year saw significant growth in e-commerce as established companies shifted to online platforms, and many new e-commerce brands also emerged. The fashion industry benefitted substantially with the shift, and we saw many brands expanding. People believed that since e-commerce cannot offer the option of trying an outfit, the fashion industry cannot sustain itself in the e-commerce area. Contrary to prevalent notions, customers enjoy shopping from the comfort of their homes and do not mind buying stuff without trying.

Fashion buffs think that they are fond of clothes and have an insight into style and fashion; with the Internet, they can launch their brand quickly. The truth is aside from the love of fashion, to launch an e-commerce fashion brand, people need to be skillful and have a business mindset. Scaling an e-commerce fashion brand is neither a piece of cake nor a straight road devoid of bumps. With fashions brands appearing here and there, the competition is getting intense. Several people want to venture into the e-commerce arena and learn the tricks of scaling an online fashion brand.

Online business trends and techniques continue to evolve. Some ways to scale your e-commerce fashion brands are as follows:

  1. Establish a Signature Product

As a fashion brand, you can have multiple offerings, but bring in one signature product that you can sell all year round. For instance, fashion brands can make their identity of being inclusive, and they offer clothes for women sporting all body types. They can make plus size wrap dress their signature product and make it their USP, Unique Selling Proposition. A signature product help brands build their identity and establish their name in the market. Brands can cash their expertise and launch a signature product that they feel stands out in the competition. Although perfecting a signature is a challenge for fashion brands with less recognition, they can work on it. Once they have set their foot firm in the market, they can focus on their signature offering.

  • Set the Solid Foundation

Whether the brand has only an online presence, a brick-and-mortar store, or both, businesses must be run with a clear vision. Establishing a vision helps entrepreneurs envision their journey and plan their strategies. Building an e-commerce fashion brand on a solid foundation sets the right direction for success. It helps brands devise techniques as they have a goal to meet. They need to have an in-depth understanding of target audiences and must learn from their competitors. To scale an online fashion brand, entrepreneurs must set their long-term and short objectives aligning with each other. Fashion trends do not remain the same; still, brands must set the groundwork as it helps in scaling the business.

  • Learn Online Metrics and KPIs

People need to learn about the ways of sailing before diving into troubled waters. E-commerce is different, and entrepreneurs have to equip themselves with various technical skills to run a fashion brand. After establishing vision and objective, entrepreneurs must focus on their e-commerce metrics and KPIs, Key Performance Indicators. They must learn how to measure metrics and KPIs to analyze their performance. It enables them to determine areas that need improvement and work on them into solid suits. They must keep tabs on online business retention metrics, such as customer lifetime value (CLV) or purchase time lapse. It helps them in enhancing their practices and bring in more business.

  • Invest in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has become the need of time, and no business can survive without it in the modern era. Still, it has become essential for online fashion brands to venture into the digital marketing arena. Generally, e-commerce targets online shoppers who prefer using the Internet for most of their activities. Catching their attention online is convenient and feasible for fashion brands, and in most cases, it proves to be fruitful. The key is to use the correct means to reach target customers. Suppose brands’ target audience majorly uses social media platforms. In that case, they must focus on social media marketing while taking care of SEO and keyword insertion. Fashion brands must stay updated with the latest trends of digital marketing to attract more customers.

  • Launch Schemes

Another idea to scale an e-commerce fashion brand is to launch different schemes to attract more customers. The Internet allows people to be creative. Fashion brands can have an innovative approach and devise different ways of launching new products. Offering exclusive items in limited quantities can be a good way of catching customers’ attention. Other ideas include pairing up a new product with a signature product or offering a code through email that enables them to avail themselves of the discount. Furthermore, it can also turn potential customers into actual customers.

  • Stay Abreast with Competitors

The competition in e-commerce is equally tight. Fashion brands must keep a close eye on their competitors and focus on their strategies and products. It helps them pinpoint their position in the market, and they learn different ways of doing business. Moreover, staying abreast with the competitors often familiarize fashion brands with unknown areas. Fashion brands can determine their strengths and use them to scale their business by keenly observing competitors.

  • Use Analytics for Decision-making

Data analytics is a practice that allows companies to take out important information from the data and use it for their benefit. E-commerce fashion brands must apply data analytics to learn more about their performance, target customers, markets. They can use the findings to make better decisions that help them enhance their performance and bring in more business. Data analytics assist in every aspect of operating a business as entrepreneurs have to make multiple decisions. Data analytics put them in a better position to devise strategies accordingly.


E-commerce businesses have become more profitable as many consumers now prefer purchasing online over visiting stores in person. The fashion industry is one of the significant sectors, and it continues to bring forward new trends. The competition in online business is getting stringent by the day as new entrepreneurs are constantly bringing new ideas to the board. To succeed in the online business world, fashion brands must stay abreast with the current trends and apply the latest techniques. Data analytics has become a popular strategy as it enables companies to derive valuable insights that help in decision-making. Similarly, fashion brands can use advanced technology to learn more about their target customers and devise marketing campaigns accordingly. Entrepreneurs can scale their e-commerce fashion brands in 2021 by keeping up with the ongoing fashion trends.

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