How to Host the Best Summer’s end BBQ Party


You’ll need fun activities, some food, and a perfect place to grill it – make your KamadoSpacegrill island the center of attention and conversation. After an uneventful summer of 2020, we’re all eager to meet our friends and family. And what’s a better way to do it, than a backyard BBQ party. How to ensure it’ll be a blast? Glad you asked because we have you covered. We talked about this with a research team at KamadoSpace, maker of BBQ islands for Kamado grills, which receives excellent reviews from world-renowned grill masters.

Backyard parties are KamadoSpace’s bread and butter, so these guys take fun seriously. And they do have a recipe for a perfect party. 

Products and preparationFirst things first – trip to the grocery store and your local butcher. Steak, ground beef, hot dogs, chicken, fish fillets, and veggies. It’s best to have options. Especially if you have vegetarian or vegan friends. It’s better to be safe than sorry. The quarantine lasted a while and some people might have changed their habits. Besides – the more stuff to grill, the more fun. Remember to prepare before your guests arrive, but don’t get everything done. Arrange meat, veggies, and grocery products on the table so they are easy to reach for both you and your guests., They might want to try your cooking kit or a recipe of their own. So, involve them in the preparation.Coleslaw, mac and cheese, baked beans, and veggie skewers are essential to any BBQ party. But you can easily go a notch higher. ??

Bruschetta with tomato and basil or salmon is an all-time classic. Also, cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, and olives. You can eat them whole or make a spread, which can be a fun shared activity.While you’re on it, you could make grilled chicken rolls or spice up your party with some oriental snacks, like Negimaki – Japanese beef and asparagus rolls.Also, try setting up a fruit bar, so your guests can enjoy a fresh snack or grill them. Did we mention you can grill anything from strawberries and bananas to pineapples? You sure can.Some nuts and freeze-dried berries might be a good healthy idea too. 

The axis of fun

Next prepare and stock up your barbecue table. This one is essential because you’ll need a stable and clean chopping space, dishes, spices, and tools at hand. And you won’t need to run home if you forget salt or pepper.Now barbecue lovers can enjoy KamadoSpace – a mobile personal space for grillers, which allows them to discover a new barbecue experience.It contains a table, drawers, and shelves for all the accessories (kazans, pans, cast iron bars, heat reflectors, etc.) as well as coal, dishes, and spices. Let’s face it – If you don’t have a sturdy table outside, you’re not going to do cooking outside. The grill island can be the center of attention in your party, where the conversations take place. Preparing meals together strengthens relationships and is fun. Just make sure there is only one grill master at a time. No one likes backseat grillers. But we all enjoy a little company. This ensures entertainment and grilling in one.  

DIY sweets and drinks

Food parties need deserts. A party without dessert is just a meeting. Especially if your friends have kids. The easiest dessert to serve at a party is the one that you don’t have to make yourself. Simply buy a bunch of marshmallows, and encourage your guests to heat them at the grill. Fun and chatter guaranteed.  For adults, you could set up a DIY cocktail bar with a poster that contains components of different cocktails listed and tips on how to make them. 

Movie night

It’s likely been a while since people were in a movie theater. So, surprise them by setting up a projector in your backyard. Make sure you have enough chairs, bean bags, and blankets (or ask guests to bring some) and watch a movie or two. It’s a great way to end a party. And don’t forget about the lights. Lighting is the easiest way to turn your backyard into an outdoor charming oasis, so be ready with tiki torches or other decorative backyard lights. So, there it is, a recipe for a perfect summer’s end BBQ party: friends, fun activities, some food, and a perfect place to grill it.

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