How Much Does A Dental Implant Crown Cost


When you have lost a tooth, getting a dental implant is one of the best solutions to improve your smile and retain your bone structure as well. But getting dental implants can burn a hole in your pocket. And on top of that, you need a dental crown which may add additional costs.

So how much does a dental crown cost? This question must be lingering on your mind.

So we talked a Dr. Tejas Patel, a cosmetic dentist from Austin, Tx to find out all about dental implant crown costs.

Why Do Implants Need a Dental Crown?

When you lose a tooth, an implant is used to replace the teeth for aesthetic reasons as well as preventing bone loss. Dental implants are metal screw-like structures surgically placed in your jawbone to work as an anchor to replace the natural tooth root.

They bond with the jawbone to provide stability. But for your implant to work like your natural tooth, you need a surface that helps you bite and chew food. Hence, a cap is placed on top of the implant.

This cap is known as the dental crown. It is shaped and sized just to resemble your natural tooth and can be made from different materials.

Apart from covering implants, dental crowns are also used to protect broken, chipped, or cracked teeth and even a decayed tooth that has undergone a root canal procedure.

The entire procedure is usually completed in 2 sittings and is a painless procedure. The crowns are custom made to fit your teeth snugly and function just like your natural tooth would.

How Much Does A Dental Crown Cost?

There are different types of dental crowns that can be used for implants. The cost of dental crowns varies based on the material used. So depending on which material you choose, the price can range anywhere between $800 to $3000.

Here are the 4 types of dental implant crowns available:

?     Porcelain-Fused-to-Metal Crowns- These crowns are quite popular since they combine the aesthetic of porcelain crowns and the durability of metal crowns. Their cost can range from $500-$1,400.

?     Porcelain Crowns – If you are looking for a dental crown that looks like your natural teeth, you can get an all-porcelain crown for anywhere between $800 to $3,000.

?     Gold/Metal Crowns- These crowns are best known for their strength and can cost anywhere between $1000 to $1,400.

?     Zirconia Crowns- These crowns look quite aesthetic and can have durability too making them quite popular these days. They will cost anywhere between $1000  to $2500.

The price of these crowns can vary quite a bit based on various factors such as the region you live in and the dentist’s skills as well as experience. So it is best to call up a dentist to find out which type of dental crown will be best suited for your needs as well as their cost.

The silver lining is that your insurance plan is likely to cover at least the partial cost of the dental crown if you have to get it for health reasons.  So it won’t have a huge dent in your pocket.

If you want to know the dental crown cost in Austin, Tx, you can visit Dr. Tejas Patel at Autic Cosmetic for an estimate. They will answer all your questions patiently and will help you get the most aesthetic-looking smile. So schedule your appointment at Austin Cosmetic right away!

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