Breakfast in the South East is 74% more expensive than in Scotland, new research finds


·       Scotland offers the cheapest motorway breakfasts in Britain overall

·       The North West offer the best value fry ups across all regions analysed

·       M27 and M3 travellers in the South East pay the most for their breakfasts 

·       In the North West, the M60 offers the best value roadside breakfast  

New research finds those who regularly drive along the M74 in Scotland could enjoy the biggest savings on their brekkie.  A standard quality breakfast along the M74 comes in at a very reasonable price of £3.20. That’s £2.70 cheaper than the most expensive roadside region. The M3 in the South East has the highest average breakfast cost at an eye-watering £5.90. Cheapest UK motorway for breakfast

 Along with the M74, the research conducted by Vansdirect finds the M8 in Scotland also offers the most competitive breakfast menu prices in Great Britain, averaging £3.40 per café – a whole pound below the national average (£4.40). In fact, 35% of the top 20 cafés in the list for low-cost breakfast sandwiches are Scotland-based. As for other well-breakfasted regions, the M42 in the West Midlands and the M61 in the North West also offer good value for money, with bacon sandwiches, sausage sandwiches and even fry ups costing less than £4.00 each. The Crossburn Kitchen Café, just off the M74, is the best café when combining price, quality, and convenience in the research. Sitting just 2 miles from the motorway, this Scottish greasy spoon offers bacon or sausage sandwiches for a bargain £1.70 and an average customer rating of 4.45 out of 5.  Cheapest roadside cafes for a breakfast sandwich

 The cheapest quality roadside fry up in Britain can be found along the M18 in Yorkshire at Bee Jay’s Café. This Rotherham-based café provides two slices of bacon, two sausages, an egg, beans and tomatoes for the low price of £3.20. For context, the average price of a quality fry up in Great Britain is £6.33. The data also found the North West was the best region for a cheap fry up, with 30% of cafés in the top 20 list based in the region. Cheapest roadside cafes for a fry up

 When ranked by customer reviews, the M60 in the North West comes out on top. This ring motorway averages a whopping 4.78 out of 5 rating for each nearby café, no doubt thanks to the proximity and ease of access to the many highly rated breakfast bars of Manchester City Centre. Staying in the North West, the M62 (4.61 rating) and the M6 (4.6 rating) also offer some of the best breakfast menus in Britain.  As for individual highest rated roadside cafés, the East Midlands comes out on top, which averages 4.61 out of 5 – rated just a few points more favourably than the North West (4.58). Best value motorway for breakfast, ranked by customer reviews

A Vansdirect spokesperson commented:“With the pandemic bringing a tidal wave of courier services and other van-related services to our doors, the nation has gradually come to see their van drivers more regularly, perhaps even sparking friendships along the way. “We’re pleased to see this change of direction, where van drivers are seen not only as vital cogs in the delivery machine, but also as essential figures in the community. While our research has found there are plenty of top-quality roadside cafes to keep our van driving workforce chugging along, we hope to see this positive spotlight on our nation’s van drivers continue long after the pandemic.” 

For further insights about Vandirect’s research, visit the Vansdirect blog.

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