From a Sundress to Picnic Basket: Everything You Need to Enact Your Cottagecore Fantasy

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Imagine cool air caressing your skin while you enjoy pleasant spring sunshine in your garden. Surrounded by flowers and ducks in the nearby pond, you take a slice of a freshly baked cake. The leaves wave at you as the gentle breeze blows. You stand up to get tea from your cozy wooden hut. Your bright sundress spread earlier now comes to hug you loosely. You walk on the stone pavement leading to your residence. Simplicity overflowing with contentment and happiness, this is the cottagecore lifestyle.

When we think of cottagecore, the first thing that pops in mind is the countryside and its calmness. But living your cottagecore dream does not require moving to a whole new place and starting a new life. You can move on from only romanticizing this aesthetic to finally incorporating it into your life—even if it’s just temporary.

From revamping the interior décor to updating your wardrobe, you can achieve your idealized style in just a few steps. And, we have some easy-to-follow suggestions and ideas that can finally make your cottagecore fantasy a reality.

Let’s take a look!

  1. Wardrobe makeover

Dressing right is one of the most important things to ace your cottagecore assignment. With strawberry at the core of this aesthetic, you wouldn’t find it very surprising when you find the strawberry dress all over TikTok. But not everyone is a strawberry person; you might prefer going for an even traditional option to your liking. The most popular dress options include prairie dresses, long skirts, midi dresses, and peasant blouses. From flowy to colorful and cheery dresses, you can select what appeals to you the most. A lot of people prefer to wear knee-length dresses. From plus size sundresses to gingham suspender dresses, you can follow the style yet celebrate your individuality. Most of the trendy dresses have floral designs. The basic soft but bright color palette in the outfits also highlights the aesthetic you’re aiming for. You would want the colors to exude feelings of spring, giving the whimsical and exuberant yet neat vibes. Next, you just need a wicker hat with a bow and sandals, and you are ready to go for a picnic!

  1. Update your jewelry

When adopting this aesthetic, accessories are just as important! You’ll need new rings and necklaces. And of course, you need unique earrings too! Cottagecore jewelry is a combination of bright, minimalist, and anything that relates to nature or country life. From small teapots as earrings to simple flower or acorn pendants, the adorable options are endless. Does resin jewelry resonate with your personality? Or would you want to have polymer clay jewelry that shows your personality more? Metallic pendants with intricate floral designs are an alternative too. Moreover, you can also look for crystal rings to beautify your hands. Whatever jewelry style you go for, make sure it complements your look.

  1. Give your living space a makeover

Let the outdoors inside your house! Waking up to the smell of flowers, and fresh air is what makes the cottagecore refreshing and desirable. Daisies, sunflowers, and tulips are great cottagecore flowers, bringing the aesthetic to life. However, keeping them in an urban setting might be hard for some. To replicate that atmosphere, this is your time to become a plant parent! You can buy houseplants. Popular options for plants are golden pothos, devils ivy, snake plant, and anthurium, although you can buy any plant you fall in love with. The ideal placement for plants is on the windows—in fancy and colorful vases—or kitchen shelves. Alternatively, you can get wall-hanging pots—climbing roses or vine on walls and balcony further add to the visual appeal. As real plants can be expensive and a major responsibility, you can select artificial plant options too. Wooden shelves and cheery vintage paintings would make you feel like you’re living in a scene from Anne with E—one of the best series to introduce cottagecore style in the mainstream media.

  1. Facilitate your cottagecore adventures

How can you live the real cottagecore dream if you don’t go for picnics and adventures? The first thing you need for a picnic is a picnic rug and baskets. There are a lot of options, but we recommend buying a heart-shaped basket.

Put sandwiches that taste like sunshine, orange juice, and fruits in your basket. Hop on a bicycle with flowers in the carrier basket. And have a great time away from the industrial world, connecting to your inner nature enthusiast.

  1. Let cottagecore take over your hobbies

Find a cottagecore activity as an outlet to unravel from the daily life stress.

Bake your heart out. The epitome of cottagecore style, baking doesn’t only provide relief from mental exhaustion but also fills your stomach. Add sweetness to your life as you sweeten your cake. Make muffins that smell so good, even your neighbors want a taste. Become Picasso and decorate your cakes with colorful creams. Let your food be the art.

You can also do some indoor gardening. Not only does it help in maintaining the pleasant aesthetic indoors, but you also have a  fun project to work on. Besides, who wouldn’t want to eat fresh vegetables and fruits, especially if you were the one growing them yourself?

Indoor food plantation harvest takes seeing “fruitful results” to another level. If your interest lies in crafts, you’re in luck because the cottagecore aesthetic highly values it. Hand embroidery, making things out of clay, or sewing, you name it: cottagecore encompasses that hobby.

Learn embroidery or hand-stitch a personalized sundress. Use clay to make jewelry for yourself or make a small clay sculpture to use as a centerpiece.

Final thoughts:

Connecting to your core through cottagecore is an excellent way of channeling your artistic side. With cottagecore, you can assert your vibrant energy and make this aesthetic your new signature style. Using our guide, you can make changes that require little effort but leave a lasting impact on your life. Celebrate your freedom of expression and show the world how to personify spring and happiness!

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