New infographic identifies the hairiest dog breeds in the UK


Gtech, the cordless cleaning experts, have reviewed the most popular dog breeds in the UK to see where they sit on the hair-ometer.  

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This comes at a time where more Brits are returning to work, leaving their lockdown dogs at home.  

Sadly, poor pet management is becoming a pandemic in itself. According to the Kennel Club, a shocking one in five new dog owners admit they didn’t consider the extra responsibilities of taking on a canine companion upon purchase, and a further one in four say they did less than two hours research prior to bringing their new dog home.

Gtech spokesperson commented:

“We all love our pets, but cleaning up after them often feels like more of a chore than an act of enjoyment.

“Hopefully this helpful infographic shows current and prospective pet owners just some of the info you might not know prior to purchasing a dog. That way, when you do bring your bundle of fluff home, you’re well prepared for the exciting – and hairy! – time ahead.” 

For further insights from the Gtech team, visit the Gtech blog.


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