How you could build your own DIY makeup vanity table


If you are struggling to find somewhere to get ready in the mornings, then you need to create a space for yourself. Vanity tables are a great choice because you have a mirror as well as storage for your makeup and hair accessories. Why not get creative and see how you could assemble your own makeup vanity table?

Repurpose old furniture

Having a vanity table doesn’t mean you have to buy one new, as you could instead repurpose old furniture. You can use some old pieces of wood to create the tabletop before attaching legs such as hairpin legs or some old wooden table legs.

The former are available in various shiny finishes, while the latter can be painted – enabling you to add legs that aesthetically match or complement the tabletop as well as the rest of the room.  

Mix and match furniture

You will need plenty of storage for your vanity table, so why not mix storage with other furniture? You can buy some small chests of drawers or find some used ones. These can serve as the storage and the legs of the vanity table.

Chairs can be any type you want that fits in with the overall room. It is a good idea to buy an adjustable chair, just in case someone else in the house wants to use it too.

Be flexible with mirrors

Mirrors don’t have to be a fixed part of the vanity table. You can be creative and have them wherever they work the best.

If you have an old mirror that is attached to the wall but has fallen out of use, or you see a nice old mirror in an antique shop, consider hanging this mirror above the vanity table. Whichever type of mirror you choose, make sure you can see your whole face, including your hair, for the best use.

Another idea is to use mirrored tiles and create a bigger mirrored wall area above the vanity table. Many of these tiles can be glued to the wall if you don’t want to use grouting.

An old suitcase can work, too

Old suitcases are large and have lots of space inside. If you can get hold of an old suitcase, you could use it as a foldable vanity table.

Add legs and use the inside of the suitcase lid to attach a mirror. You can either use the inside as it is or add a tabletop on the suitcase lid so that you can, from time to time, lift the tabletop and lid to use the space inside the suitcase.

Old sewing machine tables

One particular piece of furniture that works well as a vanity table is an old sewing machine table.

Without the sewing machine inside, there is a large space for storage. You can use the lid to attach the mirror and then paint the table whatever colour you want.

The added benefit is the finished table will not only look stylish but also be sturdy and well-made. Many makeup vanity tables fashioned from old sewing machine tables have additional storage at the front as well.


With a little imagination, you can create a vanity table from anything. It doesn’t even have to be freestanding, as you can have shelves attached to the wall instead if you prefer. Let your imagination drive you as you create the perfect vanity table for your needs.

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