What to Wear with Lace Up Heels


You’re thinking to yourself, “gosh, I’ve just bought these gorgeous lace up heels, but now I’m not sure what they pair them with…” Believe it or not, this is fairly common as many women are just recently discovering the joys of these unique and stylish heels. They are actually among the most versatile high heels and work well with myriad different outfit choices.

We’ll try to give you some tips and ideas below on what to wear with your new lace up heels. It’s probably a lot easier than you think when you see the amount of choice you have.

1. Knee-Ripped Jeans and Long-Sleeve T-Shirt

Let’s start with a timeless casual daytime look. If you’re heading out to lunch with friends, or just for a stroll around downtown, then this look is perfect. Having the t-shirt in white will complement the ripped jeans nicely, and both colours will go well with just about any colour and style of lace up heels that you’ve purchased, though browns and beige colours work best.

2. Cuffed Blue Jeans, Chambray Shirt and Jacket

When you want to upgrade to a position a little more formal than the ripped jeans and t-shirt look, but no go overboard, then your lace up heels will pair nicely with some blue jeans in slim fit style with cuffed bottoms to add that neatness. Match that with a nice chambray shirt and a jacket perhaps in suede to add a little flair. This particular look would really set off nicely if the lace up heels are in animal print, but other styles will work, too.

3. Strapless Dresses

At night time when you’re heading for a hot date or meeting up with friends for drinks and you want to dial up the wow factor, a pair of hot pink, red or other more vivid colour of lace up heel will add that sense of wild character and carefree exuberance to a strapless dress and stylish leather handbag. The distance between the hemline and the leg-climbing lace ups will really accentuate the artistry and intricacy of the lace up heel design.

4. Smart-Casual Business Attire

Will lace up heels work on a smart-casual business outfit you might set out for work? Absolutely they will. Lace up heels in darker colours like black or brown leather and with lower-lying laces that sit just above the ankle (not climbing the leg). Put those together with a matching grey t-shirt tucked into a black pencil skirt. It’s smart, it’s classic, it’s versatile, and set off delightfully by the lace up heels.

5. Business-Casual but with Jeans

If the pencil skirt doesn’t work, try the look of some white lace up heels with grey mid-rise skinny or slim-fit jeans and a wrap blouse in white. Keep the blouse a clean, one-colour design with no pattern to maintain the simple elegance and balance of this pairing. While you’re on the way to the office, a nice leather jacket would sit on the blouse nicely, too.

6. Loose Pants, High-Neck Top and Long Coat

One final look you might consider, especially for cooler months, is a combination of loose pants like culottes or olive pants. The large bottoms can help to highlight the intricate features of the lace up heels. A high-neck top works with the longer pants, as does a longer coat, perhaps with the slim-fit “tailored” look that hugs your figure on the way down?

From the above, what’s really important is that new fans of lace up heels realize just how versatile the shoes can be, complementing the casual and the high-end stylish all at the same time.

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