5 Gift Ideas For the Missionary in Your Life


Whether it’s a close friend or it’s your child, having a missionary out is a big deal! They’re dedicating a good chunk of time to teaching people about the gospel and that is pretty dang amazing. You’re probably pretty proud of them. And all of the pride calls for some awesome gifts and care packages to send your missionary!

So what do missionaries really want to receive from home? Take a look at some of our absolute favorite gift ideas to give your missionary.

1. Their Favorite Snacks

First things first, we need to remember that these are young men and women. 18, 19, 20, 21 and on, no matter your age, there is nothing like opening a care package to find it stuffed with your favorite snacks.

Whether they’re serving abroad or they’re stateside, this is a great idea for gift ideas for your missionary. They may be in a state or country where their favorite snacks aren’t sold. And even if they are serving where they have access to double stuf Oreos and cool ranch Doritos, they may not have the funds to splurge on these snacks. Send the ma box of their favorites!

2. Some Fresh Scriptures

They’re a missionary. Guaranteed their scriptures are going to start looking a little worn, and at some point in their mission, having a fresh set of scriptures is going to be a must! These missionary gifts from Seagull Book have a wide variety of scripture options, making it easy to find a set that they’ll love.

Looking for something else to throw in with the scriptures? Consider some fun scripture accessories! Scripture stickers and colorful scripture marking pens or pencils. Guaranteed they will be extremely excited!

3. Fun Missionary Accessories

Whether they’re an elder or a sister, there are plenty of fun missionary accessories you could send them. For an elder, send a fresh tie or a tie clip. For a sister missionary, you could send a new skirt, some fun jewelry, or a scarf if it’s a little chilly where they’re serving.

4. Missionary Journals

Perhaps one of the most important times of your life to write in a journal is during your mission. This makes for a perfect missionary gift, because even if they already have a journal they’re writing in, the time will come soon when they need a new journal to write in. Throw in some quality pens and you have the perfect missionary gift!

5. Lots and Lots of Letters

Do not underestimate the power of correspondence with a missionary. Whether it be by email or by written letter, communication with a missionary is the ultimate gift. Consider including pictures with the letters, and if you’re emailing, include videos too! Doing your best to help them feel a part of your life and what’s going on with you will mean so much to them.

So as you get ready to send off the next care package to your missionary, consider some of our go-to missionary gifts to include for your loved one!

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