Penny Davis Launches SKINGOAL Skincare without the BS


The experienced skin expert has revealed a cruelty-free range of clinical-grade products for daily use.

Penny Davis, owner of award-winning DPC Clinic who are experts in skin and aesthetics, has proudly launched a brand new skincare brand to deliver vegan-friendly skincare products that deliver true, clean, result driven and high potency for women who want to regain control of their skincare routines.

Helping Women Achieve Their Skin Goals
As an experienced clinic owner with many years of experience in the industry behind her, Davis has seen thousands of women waste big money on cosmetic products that do not live up to their expectations. Having already supported many clients with professional cosmetic treatments, she has now launched the SkinGoal brand to help them unlock stunning results from the comfort of their homes.

“I have spent years talking to my clients in the multi-award- winning DPC Clinic  and it is so apparent to me when we are discussing your skin concerns, just how emotive a subject our skin can be. Some have cupboards full of potions and lotions that make such grand skin transformation claims but never deliver the promises made on those glossy adverts. I also see the emotions that go alongside the pain of troublesome skin, be it adult acne, hormonal breakouts, the signs of ageing, looking into the mirror, and not recognising ourselves that lead us down paths of total optimism and money squandering.

However, certainly on the skin front, I know that with excellent, clinical-grade products that if used correctly, at the right frequency and in conjunction with other similar products can certainly make some marked improvements and in some cases, some HUGE improvements.” – Penny Davis

SkinGoal sets out to remove the BS from skincare, providing exclusively UK-manufactured products that are 100% vegan and cruelty-free. They produce true, clean, potent clinical-grade results that are backed by real evidence and can be used by women who have undergone advanced sk treatments as well as those who simply want a better home skincare routine.

Davis, who is also affectionately known as Penny Dee, developed the brand throughout lockdown before launching in late 2021 and has combined her passion for helping people with an in-depth understanding of the most common pain points facing women faced with a crowded and confusing landscape. In turn, the SkinGoal brand has created a range of serums, creams, and cleansers for a range of common skincare objectives.

From the Prep Power acne creams to Cream Drench that delivers anti-ageing peptides to skin, each product in the extensive range can be safely used time and time again. SkinGoal avoids the unrealistic claims that many beauty brands make, instead focusing on facilitating marked improvements to help women restore their best look and regain their self-confidence.

The company additionally offers free consultations to match consumers to the right clinical-grade products to develop a fully tailored approach that matches their personal skincare needs.

SkinGoal has set out with a clear aim of changing the skincare sector with a customer-centric approach that focuses on clarity of skin, both in the methodology and the results. Having already been used to support clients at the award-winning clinic, the brand’s home skincare products are now available to order from the brand’s online store.

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