What to Wear with Flats

what to wear with flats

Flat shoes are one of the world’s greatest inventions; they’re comfy, simple, and if you pull them off, stylish. I’ve been collecting flat shoes for a long time now (ever since I wore my black ballet shoes to school every day and almost cried when they ripped), and like to think I know how to pull them off.

Finding flat shoes that are flattering can prove to be a difficult task as they tend to make your legs look shorter and stubbier. It’s always better to wear them with clothing that elongates your legs but colors, shapes and cuts all come into play when choosing the best outfit.

Here are our top pieces of clothing to wear with flats:

Skinny jeans

You know it – the classic outfit of skinny jeans, a simple white tee and flat shoes; you really can’t go far wrong. The slim fit flatters any size and especially when paired with a high waistband, you’ll be having the legs of Naomi Campbell in no time!

Any kind of flat shoes can be worn with skinny jeans, with my personal favourite combination being dark blue denim and tan/white pumps and loafers. Your outfit will be Pinterest-worthy in no time!

 Short skirts

Mini-skirts and skirts that end just above the knee work perfectly when worn with flat shoes and are one of my favourite things to wear with flats. They show off your legs and make you look taller; helping to counteract the shortness that wearing flat shoes tend to give you.

Again, denim skirts look awesome with tan-coloured shoes and white dresses are ideal for Summer when worn with sandals.

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Dresses come along a similar line as short skirts as in that wearing those that finish above the knee are best suited to wearing flats.

It’s best to avoid midi dresses as they essentially “cut off” part of your leg, further making your legs look shorter and frumpier. Wearing toe-closed flats also isn’t the best choice for maxi skirts/dresses that extend to the ankle as they add further to shortening your legs and looking unflattering.


Slim-fit trousers

Heeled court shoes aren’t always the best choice for slim-fit trousers; flat shoes can look great when paired with them and they make the ideal outfit for a day’s work in the office.

Pairing flat shoes like loafers is a great way to get the smart-casual look without actually putting in too much effort – simply grab a pair of nude shoes and pair them with dark blue, black or brown slim-fit trousers and you’ll be looking tres chic in no time!

What’s your favourite piece of clothing to wear with flats?


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