5 Reasons Why You Should Travel More

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Admittedly, I’m not the most well travelled – nor the most cultured. Aside from the odd holiday to Turkey and Tenerife, I think I’ve not had my fair share of travelling experience… At least not as much as I’d hoped!

This year when I was making my New Years’ Resolutions, I had no doubt that ‘travel more’ was to make the top of my list. So far this year I’ve had three destinations ticked off my travel bucket list; visiting two different countries and exploring the one I live in.

But I got thinking – why exactly do I want to travel and what benefit will it have to my life? Here’s why I think it’s important to travel more whilst you’re young:

You can meet new people

Many of my friends are well travelled and they said that some of their most valuable friendships were made whilst visiting other countries.

Even the most introverted of people can benefit from making valuable relationships when you being to travel more. Whether you’re in line waiting to check-in at the airport or asking for directions to the closest museum, there are friends to be made everywhere!

It opens your eyes

Travelling can change the way to see (and relate to) the world. If you’re open to travelling, you’ll probably experience a range of situations that open your eyes to daily life. You’ll have a new perspective on life and the little things; making you a more well-rounded person in general. That’s never a bad thing, right?

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Get out of your comfort zone

By not taking risks, you’ll stay in your comfort zone for the rest of your life. You’ll never discover your true self – what makes you tick and what your true passions are.

Travelling can help you get out of your comfort zone. Everything from foods to cultures to daily living is vastly different from country to country. Experiencing these can help to break the routine you usually have on a daily basis; escaping your comfort zone.

It’s not as hard as you think

If you think you “can’t afford to travel”, you’re probably wrong. You’ll spend so much money on (technically) useless things that could count towards your next adventure.

Remember that £3 you spent on a coffee to work this morning before a stressful meeting? Skip the extortionate prices that coffee shops charge and get up an extra 5 minutes earlier to make your own. Put the £3 in a separate pot and count it towards your next trip!

why you should travel more

Enjoy a great adventure

Spontaneity is never a  bad thing; especially when it comes to taking a holiday. Sometimes planning isn’t the best route to take. A trip that is planned out minute-to-minute has the chance to lose the sense of adventure that you’re looking for.

Instead, try to banish the plans. Go with the flow and do things that take your fancy without saying no (unless necessary, of course). We’re sure that you’ll have one of the best adventures of your life.

Whilst life isn’t all about bragging, it can be a pretty incredible thing to reel off some of the things that you’ve managed to experience whilst on your adventure!


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