4 Essential Things Your House Needs to Feel Like a Home

Essential Things Your House Needs to Feel Like a Home

Moving into a new house can be a daunting & exciting experience at the same time. You’ll have your own ideas & plans on how to make the most of your space, but you may realise that it doesn’t truly feel like “home” when you move out.

If you’re approaching your brand new space with the idea that you want change – this post is probably not for you. However, if you’ve recently moved out, don’t necessarily like change and want to make your new home feel like yours, it probably is the post for you.

When it comes to decorating your first home (or new one, for that matter!), there are a few certain things that can make your house feel like a real home – no matter what style of interior design you prefer.

Photos & Memories

One of the simplest ways to make your house feel like your home is to fill it with memories that are personal to you. Anybody can have a couch or rug, but only you can have those memories!

Start by printing off photos and putting them into photo frames that suit the design of your room. Alternatively, you could opt for creatively displaying keepsakes that you’ve kept over the years.

Not only does displaying this help your house to feel like your own, but it also makes for a gorgeous feature!

Old Routines

Routines go up the wall when you’re running late – never mind transporting your life’s entire belongings into a new house in a new area, surrounded by completely new people!

Essential Things Your House Needs to Feel Like a Home


Let’s say in the morning, you’d get dressed, grab the keys from the kitchen side and head out the door. In your new house, try leaving your keys in a similar area and follow the same routine going forwards.

Keeping the same routine from your old to new house can help you feel like you’ve ever left. Not only will you feel more satisfied, but you can also see a boost in productivity when you aren’t pottering around wondering where you’ve left things!


Your home should be the ultimate place for relaxing, and also where you feel the most secure. One of my favourite things to do when I want to relax is light a few candles.

When you’re moving house and want your new building to feel like a place where you can relax like you did at your old property, bring along the same candles that you used. It will bring a familiar scent to your home and trigger you to feel like you’re in a comfortable place.

Making your new place smell nice can also help it to feel homelier and get rid of the dreaded “new house, new paint” scent!

Homemade Food!

It can be all-too tempting to order in pizza when you’ve recently moved house – especially when you haven’t got the kitchen equipment unpacked and cooking-ready!

However, it’s always a good idea to make an effort with cooking your food – especially in a new house. Yes, takeaways can often get the better of us, but there’s nothing better than a home-cooked meal to make you transform your house into a home!

What is your best tip for making a house feel more homely? How do you settle into a new house?


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  1. HI Elise
    Happy to meet you.

    I’m always a keen of keeping my house neat and clean. Also I need a piece so keep my room noise free. These are the best way to feel house like a home. Hanging a photos shows are perfect memories, so I keep hanging wonderful photos on wall and miss the special day when my eyes go on photos.

    You are absolutely right we should prefer a homemade food not from hotel or restaurants. A burning candles always feels me a relax and I’m doing that since in the age of 13. I can’t forget that moment when I have done this. When I’m in stress I burn a candle, relax and focus on my problem. After sometimes my problem is solved.

    Thanks for sharing such wonderful post.
    – Ravi.

  2. Love this post! Photo frames and candles are must have for me. Thanks for sharing!
    Ninz | http://www.ninzbeauty.com

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