The Best Places to Visit in a Motorhome This Bonfire Night


While the motorhome market is rapidly and constantly changing, there are two clear trends that have driven its evolution in recent times. Firstly, we have seen the typical owner demographic become increasingly younger, as the market has become more accessible and appealing to Millennials in the UK and the US.

Beyond this, Britain has also seen a huge increase in demand for motorhomes during the last 18 months. Driven by advancement, diversification and a widening pool of buyers, sales increased by 20.4% in the year up to March 2016, with new registrations equating to £150 million in retail value.

With this in mind, you may well be one of the new generation of motorhome owners and find yourself searching for a host of exciting, new opportunities. Bonfire night provide this opportunity, with a host of spectacular events scheduled throughout the UK. Here are some of the most interesting: –

1. Alexandra Palace in North London

Make no mistake; the display at North London’s Alexandra Palace is one of the biggest and most eye-catching in the country. Drawing crowds from across the length and breadth of London, it is also accessible for motorhome visitors and known for its exceptional organisation and management.

If you happen to have a young family, it is an even more suitable destination. This is because, in addition to hosting a spectacular fireworks show and bonfire display, it will also be home to a fun fair, a mini-beer festival and some of the finest street food known to man!

2. The York Maze in the North of England

For those of you who are not familiar with him, Guy Fawkes is an historical character whose legendary acts remain the basis for Bonfire Night in the UK.

In addition to attempting to blow up the Houses of Parliament on November 5th, 1605, Fawkes was also born in York and his legend remains stronger there than anywhere else. As a result, the city is synonymous with the best celebrations, and this year will see the main event hosted at the famous York Maze.

This location will host the largest bonfire in the city (and one of the biggest in the UK), alongside live music, spectacular fireworks and sumptuous food. There will also be numerous camp sites available, meaning that you can park your motorhome safely before enjoying the festivities.

3. Hopetoun House in Edinburgh

Typically, Edinburgh is more famous for its New Year celebrations than its Bonfire festivities, but there are some spectacular displays to be enjoyed in this major city. Hopetoun House will host this years’ most impressive and well-attended event, thanks to its stunning bonfire and location on the idyllic banks of the Forth.

This display is unique in that it will be set to music, creating a novel dimension to an historically relevant celebration. Attendees will need to locate one of the many camp sites close to the venue upon their arrival, while the main access to the event will be across the Forth Road Bridge into Fife.

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