What Rings Should You Wear for Different Occasions?

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Rings are one of the most underutilized ways of tying together an outfit. They’re subtle, but can be hard to do right – it’s essential to get the right ring for the occasion and to match it with your outfit and any other rings you might be wearing!

When buying a ring, especially one made of precious metals or stones, it’s important to get the right size. Numerous elements factor into this, such as the size and metal of the ring itself, the way the stone is set, and the particular design of the ring.

Once you get into the habit of wearing rings for different occasions, you may find it difficult to stop – they’re small, easy to acquire, and totally addictive.

Date Night

This is your chance to rock whatever rings your partner has given you, if you have any! They’ll love seeing gifts they gave you put to good use, and it’ll be a chance to strengthen your relationship.

If they haven’t given you rings as a gift, you’ve got a lot of flexibility in what you wear. Obviously, if you’re going to a fancy restaurant or bar, you’ll want to wear fancier jewelry than if you’re just catching a bite at your favorite downtown café.

On a date, since you know your partner, you can either go big or small! Big rings can make a statement, showing off to your partner just how well you know how to dress. Small rings, however, demonstrate that you know the value of subtlety and take pride in the small details, both of which are excellent qualities to have!


Wear your own engagement ring and/or wedding band to a wedding, if you have them! Weddings are beautiful times to celebrate love, and they can be a chance to reconnect with your partner and remember why you’re together in the first place.

If you’re not married to your partner or you’re going to the wedding solo, a ring is one of the best ways to take your outfit to the next level. Wear a bold statement ring that adds a bit of bling to your finger. Even better, mix a couple of large and small rings across your hands.


Your engagement ring should reflect who you are! It’s essential for couples to discuss engagement before it happens, so that one partner isn’t surprised by the question. Plus, since many couples exchange engagement rings, you want to make sure your ring is something you like! More and more couples are opting to eschew diamonds in their engagement rings, preferring something more customized to them.

While there are many traditional options for engagement and wedding rings, Equalli is one company that makes engagement rings, wedding rings, and other jewelry while catering to an LGBTQ+ community, ensuring that people who don’t feel represented by the traditional wedding markets can find something that’s right for them.


Dressing professionally is hugely important at work, and can have a significant impact on the way other see you and the possibility of attaining promotions. Subtle rings can be a great way to show off your personality in a refined and professional manner, as long as you work in a place that allows them – due to the nature of some professions (such as parts of the healthcare, animal care, or massage therapy, for example), jewelry on your hands is unwise.

At work, stick to rings that are fairly small and unobtrusive. These include wedding and/or engagement rings, of course, along with other simple rings. Small metal bands that are patterned or have other embellishment can be great for wearing to work, along with rings that have small stones inset.

Stay away from overly large cocktail rings and from expensive heirlooms – those have their place, but work is not one of them.

Holiday Party

For a holiday party, wear your biggest, glitziest gemstones .This is the time to shine, and with all of the sequins and glitter that traditionally adorn end-of-year celebrations, the more bling, the better. Costume jewelry is fine here! It’s about the bling.

Mix and match with a coordinating necklace or bracelet to have a unified, fabulous look. You can also wear large rings on multiple fingers – here’s your chance to (literally) shine!


No matter what the event is, a ring is sure to tie your outfit together and give it an extra pop. Wearing rings for different occasions establishes you as a snappy dresser that’s up to the minute with trends.

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