The biggest home decor trends we’re expecting to see this year

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Last year saw a broad array of distinctive trends flourish in residential decors. There was a particular fondness for metallic surfaces and jungle prints – and, if you aren’t willing to relinquish many of the trends that cemented their popularity in 2017, rest assured that 2018 shouldn’t divert too much.

In fact, some signs of what will likely be among 2018’s leading home decor trends have already emerged; on the strength of such, here are what we reckon you should particularly look out for.

Floral prints

A big part of you might yearn for the “good old days” – and you could give your home a pleasingly nostalgic look through adding traditional floral patterns to it.

A very 2018 take to floral prints should be peculiarly large blooms and high-contrast colours, reports the Daily Mail. You should particularly watch out for fresh twists on familiar designs, as claimed on HuffPost‘s site – with colours that will probably be as funky as the 1970s.

Colourful kitchens

It’ll be alright on the night, but not necessarily right for your kitchen to be all-white. Well, that’s one rather elaborate way of saying that, in 2018, you might want to give your kitchen a much stronger injection of colour – a path that many other people may be eager to follow as well.

While you might favour a palette of various bold hues, this could produce a rather garish look that can be avoided if you stick to instead adding just one new colour across the front of your cupboards.


Forget the little gentleman in velvet – it’s the sumptuous furniture in velvet that you should be looking for in 2018. During the year, expect to commonly see upholstery in this plush fabric – and don’t fret that it could look old-fashioned, as velvet has shaken off that image.

The visually striking effect of velvet can be especially strong if you opt for furniture consisting of large pieces. Perhaps now is a good time to splash out on a statement velvet sofa?


It might not have seemed long ago that rose gold was the metallic finish of the moment, doubtless encouraged by the inclusion of a rose gold hue even on iPhones. However, this year, you can expect brass to be the most popular choice of finish for metallic items in the home.

A big reason why is that brass can enhance the luxurious look of a room, as Ideal Home observes. Place some brass mirrors, furniture and accessories around the house to see the visual result.

Tropical prints

This is a trend from 2017 that you shouldn’t expect to see fade in 2018. However, it might be slightly different to how you remember it – with a shift away from a vivid carnival look and more towards a variety of energising greens. Prints with exotic birds or oversized insects can look especially good.

You can also let the outside in through more literal means by ordering some aluminium bifold doors that perhaps even feature green frames!

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