A more confident you for 2019


We’re all guilty of lacking a bit of confidence from time-to-time, but for some people it can be a constant issue. Struggling with low self-esteem can impact
both your professional and private life, making it hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

If you think that you are struggling with low self-esteem, there are things that you can do to fix it as we head into 2019.

Life Coach Carole Ann Rice’s work focuses on making people the best versions of themselves. Here are five signs of low self-esteem and how you can fix them:

1. You are your own worst critic

If you are struggling with low self-esteem and confidence, it’s likely that you are the victim of a permanent negative internal dialogue. Rather than setting yourself up for success, you tell yourself
that you’re going to fail and that it’s not worth trying. It’s important that you learn to encourage yourself and tell yourself that you are capable of achieving your goals.

2. You feel worthless

It’s common to feel like you have no value and nothing important to say. Rather than stating your opinion on something that matters to you, you choose to stay quiet and let others talk. However, you will find that by stating your opinion and adding to the conversation, people will value your contribution and listen to your perspective. Never be afraid to speak up
and speak out.

3. You are a people pleaser

While there’s nothing wrong with making people happy, you also need to think about your own happiness and mental wellbeing. Rather than giving everyone what they want all of the time,
think about what you want and don’t let resentment build up. Sometimes it pays to be selfish and look after you.

4. People walk all over you

You may often end up having no boundaries and allow people to walk all over you. Letting people take you for granted and dump their issues on you will only make you feel worse, so it’s important that you make it clear that you can’t be used as a human doormat. Stick up for yourself and don’t allow people to be rude to you and take advantage.

5. You don’t go out – we’re all guilty of preferring a night in with some chocolate and the television instead of going out on the town, but socialising is good for the soul and it’s important that we do it. Although the idea of going down to the pub and socialising can seem incredibly daunting, people will be happy to see you and will be happy with your company.

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