How to make your conservatory a cosy space in winter

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Just when you thought you’d escaped Christmas snow-free… BAM. January hits you.

All you want to do, especially if you work from home, is get cosy at home.

Often, in winter, your conservatory is a no-go zone where you would likely feel the chill far more than in the rest of the house. This doesn’t have to be the case, however; you can actually make your conservatory a go-to cosy space to hibernate in over the winter months.

Word to the windows

Did you know that roughly a third of heat from a home is lost through glass? As a result, it makes sense that conservatories are a lot colder than the rest of the house and even more so when the snow starts to fall.

To trap warm air in your conservatory and prevent it from escaping, fit some window shutters. Not only can they boast aesthetic appeal, they are far more effective than blinds at keeping in the warm air.

Whilst shutters are favourable, clever use of blinds can still make a huge difference to how the room traps heat. If the sun happens to beam down on your conservatory, leave the blinds open before shutting them late in the afternoon. This will also help to conserve your central heating.

Making sure that all of the windows are shut properly will also help to keep in the heat, as even a small gap can reduce the temperature of a room considerably. With this in mind, use some spray oil to lubricate all of the hinges and lock mechanisms, as this will help to ensure that everything locks properly. Strong double gazing such as that from Polar Bear Windows will also help to retain heat, adding to the cosy feel.


Heat can be lost through the floor as well as glass – and, as it’s impossible to avoid touching this, it’s wise to make sure it’s warm. You can either lay thick underlay or lay carpet. If you feel like that’s just not going to cut it, you can add a layer of insulation for extra warmth. Rugs can also make the world of difference and will help you to stay well within your budget.


Understandably, when decorating their conservatory, most homeowners choose to use a neutral colour palette. This is ideal for spring and summer but in the winter it often has a cooling effect, making it nigh-on possible for you to achieve that cosy feel.

If you use warm tones such as browns, reds and oranges, this will immediately make you want to spend more time in the room. Paint the feature wall and scatter some cushions.

A warm, fleecy throw draped over the furniture will automatically make any room look and feel warmer; plus, if you’re still struggling to get warm, you can always climb under the cosy throw. It will also help to take the chill off any cold leather surfaces.

Lamps and candles will not only add a snug edge to the room but also add a touch of ambience. They will make the conservatory look lovely and also generate heat. It’s a win-win situation! A lamp, a few candles and some fairy lights are perfect for those cold, wintery nights and will certainly help to create a pleasant atmosphere.

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