Eight ways to stop binge eating


We’re all guilty of eating too much from time-to-time, especially in January when we’re trying to restrict ourselves, put ourselves on ridiculous diets and the weather is miserable.

And if you work from home, well… it’s all to easy to get grab that third handful of Cadbury’s fingers.

However, as tempting as takeaways and chocolates may be, there are ways to fight temptation to overindulge when you get the urge.

Fiona Lamb, who specialises in helping people navigate anxiety, emotional eating, and addictions, by using hypnotherapeutic treatments, shares how she helps people overcome this problem:

1. Don’t restrict yourself

When we tell ourselves that we can’t have something, we want it more. Don’t tell yourself you are on a diet or starve yourself. When you do this, it makes you feel deprived and that you are missing out. Make food mentally available to you.

2. Stop labelling food

Food is made up of energy. Some food has more energy than others and may, in fact, keep you fuller for longer. When you don’t label food as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ you don’t feel guilty for eating something. Learn which foods are going to fuel your body.

3. Deal with your emotions

If you are turning to food when you are angry, upset or lonely then it isn’t the food that your mind wants. Your mind is craving a feeling, not the food. Recognise this, see the patterns and find other ways of dealing with stress.

4. Stop correlating food with happiness

Carbohydrates have been shown to increase serotonin (the happy chemical) levels temporarily, meaning that you produce less naturally. In other words, it’s not the food that’s making
you happy, but the emotional connections you have with them.

5. Stop thinking about food

The more attention you give food, the more it becomes a bigger area in your life. As a result, we are more likely to turn to it if we are faced with stress. Try to break the thought pattern and focus on something more productive.

6. Make friends with food

Food isn’t the enemy. Make your cooking area a welcoming place that you aren’t always trying to avoid. This could involve putting the radio on, getting some flowers and filling your
cupboards with healthy, nourishing foods.

7. Plan meals

Getting organised feels great! When you plan your meals, you won’t need to think about food. Therefore, you are much less likely to eat for the sake of it if you plan. You can also ensure that you are getting a varied, balanced diet to feed both your mind and body.

8. Remember that you’re in control

Often in life, things won’t be in our control and it can feel overwhelming. This is when we can press the ‘F*** it’ button and overeat for the sake of it. You are in control of how you act
and react and ALWAYS have a choice.

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