6 Fitness tips for busy women pressed for time


Losing weight or just trying to stay at the right weight, women sometimes take shortcuts to try to get the right results. That’s not sensible but in the type of culture we live in today where instant gratification is the order of the day, it is difficult to resist. 

If you’re newer to fitness but want to get back in shape and perhaps drop a few pounds, here are some tips for you.

1.Drink more water that you think is needed

It’s important to remember that staying hydrated gives your cells, muscles, and skin what it needs to look good and perform well. Muscles that don’t have enough water perform poorly, which doesn’t support weight loss or the fitness goals that you’ve set. 

With hydration, you need at least three liters of water daily. When exercising, the need to stay hydrated is even more important. 

While water is best, low-calorie flavored drinks are good too. Sodas that contain sugar or even artificial sugar substitutes are best avoided. Anything else and it has to work overtime to make use of it. To learn more about how to st aying hydrated, check out this blog post from Bevi: https://www.bevi.co/blog/tips-for-staying-hydrated/.

2.Don’t skip workouts due to time constraints

It’s tempting to skip a workout because a friend has asked you out for a drink or a meal. Don’t do it!

If it’s a regular occurrence because social engagements pop up randomly, then you’ll need to plan your exercise in a way that it doesn’t get skipped. That might mean doing it early morning before you head out to work or taking a 30-minute walk in your lunch hour. 

When time is a factor, consider doing yoga or Calisthenics from a yoga mat at home. This cuts out the time it takes to prep, get to the gym to workout, and then travel back. 

3.Schedule and plan your workouts

Add an appointment in your Calendar app so it’s right in front of you.

Make sure that you add a reminder to alert you at the appropriate time to get to it! If you tend to have a packed schedule where there’s something right before and after the workout, set the reminder a few minutes ahead so you can wind up what you’re doing.

If you like to have an organized routine with precise activities in the gym, then take the time to sit down and put some planning into that. This way, when you arrive at the gym, you’re ready to go and aren’t walking around like a headless chicken. Also, have a shorter and longer routine ready, so when you have less free time, you’re still organized. 

4.Get bored with exercise?

Most people don’t love exercise and that’s okay!

We’d suggest fitting in a game of sports like tennis or even ice skating, which is an enjoyable activity and gives you a different kind of workout. That way, even if you’re short of gym time, if you’ve already arranged to go with the kids to the rink or to play a game of doubles tennis with three girlfriends, then you’ll still burn those calories.

Just avoid going for an indulgent meal or drink after the game.

5.Have an accountability person

You probably need someone to hold you accountable to your fitness routine. When you have less time to exercise, you cannot afford to keep skipping workouts. They may or may not actually go and workout with you. Nevertheless, they should be willing to check up on whether you’ve performed your exercises or not. 

It’s often best if they’re not a close BFF because they might not want to hurt your feelings. You need someone who isn’t scared to hold you accountable for skipping a workout. Being a little distant, you might also not want to look uncommitted to them. Even a work colleague might be ideal for this because of not wanting to appear like you’re unable to keep commitments.

6. Use rewards to your advantage

What kind of rewards do you enjoy infrequently but would motivate you?

They shouldn’t be hugely calorific but if they’re reasonable within a balanced diet, that’s fine. 

Use the reward as a way to motivate yourself. You get the reward when you’ve completed the planned workout sessions that week. Connect it with something social like meeting your friends for a night out. But be willing to turn them down when you don’t do everything that you should have that week. 

No matter how pressed for time you are, it’s always possible to find ways to exercise more. Even if that means walking up the office stairs instead of taking the elevator, every extra bit of extra movement adds up at the end of the week. Don’t give up. Do what you can and do more when you extra time.

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