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5 Fun fitness activities you should add to your workout routine


Whether you are trying to get in better shape or want to take care of your body when working a physically demanding job, you must add as much variation to your workout as possible. Not only does this make exercising a little more entertaining, but it’s also a great way to build up strength and […]


World’s most popular home workout songs revealed


New research from PureGym reveals the most popular artists and songs streamed globally for home workouts. For many people, listening to music when exercising is key to keeping energised and motivated. In fact, there’s scientific evidence that suggests that the music you listen to can improve your endurance and help you feel more positive whilst […]


Nutrition for women: What are the best supplements to take?


When it comes to supplements for active women, there is an apparent lack of focus as most supplements advertised today are geared towards enhancing a male’s physique. However, if you’re looking for optimal results in the gym, it’s important to fuel your body the right way as a woman’s physique requires a different level of […]


6 Fitness tips for busy women pressed for time


Losing weight or just trying to stay at the right weight, women sometimes take shortcuts to try to get the right results. That’s not sensible but in the type of culture we live in today where instant gratification is the order of the day, it is difficult to resist.  If you’re newer to fitness but […]