Nutrition for women: What are the best supplements to take?


When it comes to supplements for active women, there is an apparent lack of focus as most supplements advertised today are geared towards enhancing a male’s physique.

However, if you’re looking for optimal results in the gym, it’s important to fuel your body the right way as a woman’s physique requires a different level of nutrition than a man.

For instance, in the UK, women are advised to consume 2,000 calories per day, with roughly 45g of protein, while men are told to eat to consume 2,500 calories with 56g of protein.

Areas for active women to consider taking
supplements is before, during and after a workout.

Before beginning a workout, it is important to
consider a pre-workout supplement. This should contain a low amount of calories
but offer an energy boost in the form of caffeine, creatine and beta-alanine.
The mix of these ingredients have been shown to increase muscular endurance and
mental focus.

When in the middle of a workout, it is also a
good idea to supplement with an intra-workout.

As you’ll be breaking down your muscles during
your workout, a good quality intra-workout should be rich in BCAA
(branched-chain amino acids) so as to prevent muscular damage as well as have
high-quality vitamins and minerals to maintain energy levels and focus.

And finally, when you’ve completed your
workout, wrapping up your supplement programme with a good quality post-workout
will go a long way in ensuring your body is getting the nutrition required to
recover well.

Ideally, a post-workout supplement should have
more than 20g of protein per serving, be low in calories, contain an excellent
amino acid profile and have a good balance between carbohydrates and fats.

There you have it. Women’s nutrition need not be complicated.

If you consider supplements for these three phases during any training regime, you’ll be well on your way to seeing your desired results provided you are also keeping tabs on your rest, recovery and overall diet.

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